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Bavaria’s small town is set to perform its world-renowned play for the 42nd time

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a full programme of holidays for 2020, giving travellers the opportunity to experience the 42nd Oberammergau Passion Play. This open-air stage performance takes place every 10 years in the tiny Bavarian village of Oberammergau and honours the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Preparations are already underway and although 2020 may seem distant, the excitement and planning is already building for this next production. We are offering five unique itineraries with various departure dates, taking in iconic and scenic landscapes, all with included tickets to this special event. Don’t miss out, spaces are limited and witnessing this powerful spectacle only comes once every 10 years!

Wood-carving traditions - 

Oberammergau has been known for centuries as a centre for wood carving. A tradition made by farmers who needed to find ways to earn extra income through the long winter months. Wood carvers who call themselves "Herrgottschnitzer" (God-carvers) are renowned for their skills. These pieces of art are made from an Arolla Pine, which grows in Baveria.

Wood carving

Roles Announced on 20th October 2019

All major roles have two actors who share the position equally. The actors share their time rehearsing whilst also leading a 'normal' day-to-day job.

The Role of Mary:

Andrea Hecht - has participated seven times in the Passion Play, on a normal day Andrea is a trained sculptor and has her own handicraft gift shop in the village

Eva-Maria Reiser -  who is a stewardess.

The role of Mary has caused sensation in previous years as the Director Stueckl changed the rules so key roles like this could be played by Protestants and atheists or allowing married women to play Virgin Mary. 

The Role of Jesus:

Rochus Ruckel - the second youngest actor to play Jesus at the age of 22, he is currently studying Aerospace engineering.

Frederik Mayetm - is a Press Relations Officer for the Munich Volkstheater and the Passion Play, he has also performed those of Johannes in 2010. 

Jesus_Prays_Passion Play 2010

Tableaux vivants, a french term meaning "Living Pictures".

Tableaux vivants have helped to set Oberammergau’s Passion Play apart from other productions within this genre. When performing these snapshots, the actors wear extravagant costumes and jewellery, silently striking a pose for the duration of the scene, which is accompanied by a verbal description.

Paradise lost

The Passion Play theatre accommodates more than 4,700 seats, all undercover, and provides excellent acoustics and views to the stage from all areas. Titan has no control over the exact location of the seats, although travelling with us means you will have guaranteed category B2 tickets as indicated on the stage plan.