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Ocean Cruises from Titan

There’s such a wide variety of cruising styles from which to choose, especially when it comes to ocean cruising. First, there are the popular ‘traditional style’ ships, which offer a relaxed ambiance and a diverse choice of worldwide itineraries from the classic Mediterranean routes to the Caribbean and beyond. Some of these cruises are ‘adults only’ and appeal to couples and solo travellers. Then there are the more informal ‘resort style’ cruises. These are very big ships, and are, essentially, ‘floating holiday resorts’ with a stunning array of facilities on board and an emphasis on top quality entertainment, including live music, cabaret shows, cinemas and gyms. All cruises include:

  • Titan’s VIP door to door travel service
  • Free connecting flights from regional airports
  • Check-in service by Titan staff with porterage
  • Scheduled British Airways or other leading airline direct flights
  • Porterage (one bag per person)
  • Airport taxes, security charges and fuel surcharges
  • Port taxes & UK Air Passenger Duty (APD)
  • Fantastic service and facilities onboard
  • Meals and snacks
  • Entertainment and activities (varies depending upon ship)

*Please refer to individual itineraries to see a full list of inclusions onboard.

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Our customers' best moments with us
We asked our customers to share their best moments.
Ocean Cruises, Unexpected Highlight, Europe
"The sailing"
The Fjords, Norway, Best Moment, Ocean Cruises, Europe
The Fjords
Get the dead skin on your feet nibbled while having a drink in Paradise Valley, Morocco, Best Moment, Europe, Ocean Cruises
Get the dead skin on your feet nibbled while having a drink in Paradise Valley, Morocco
The cleanest Chinstrap penguin in town!, Best Moment, Ocean Cruises, Worldwide Cruises
The cleanest Chinstrap penguin in town!
"So many special moments, it's difficult to be specific. Seeing penguins and humpback whales so close, and jaw-dropping scenery."
Europe, Norway, Best Moment, Ocean Cruises
"Apart from numerous sightings of the Northern Lights which were truly spectacular (and very varied!), a 'black and white' fjord one afternoon which was truly magical..."
Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, Best Moment, Ocean Cruises, Worldwide Cruises
Snow White and the 7 dwarfs
"All the landing were superb, it is not possible to separate them Cruising in the zodiacs along the coasts was pretty cool also."
Worldwide Cruises, Ocean Cruises, Best Moment
"For me the views from the sea of the mountains, glaciers and icebergs, and getting up close to the wildlife,"
Getting ready for speeding accross the Barents Sea ice, Best Moment, Europe, Norway, Ocean Cruises
Getting ready for speeding accross the Barents Sea ice
"Being able to scoot across the ice covered Barents Sea with my wife on a "Snow Mobile" and to experience the blizzard conditions of a "Polar Low" weather system"
Harsted with the rising sun, Best Moment, Europe, Ocean Cruises, Norway
Harsted with the rising sun
"We enjoyed visiting Harstad"
Worldwide Cruises, Ocean Cruises, Best Moment
"Several moments of fantastic scenery and watching the whales, penguins and seals."
South And Latin America, Ocean Cruises, Best Moment
"1. Remembrance Sunday in Christchurch Cathedral in Port Stanley.
2. Getting 'up close and personal' to a calving glacier in the Chilean fjords."
Halong Bay, Vietnam, Ocean Cruises, Asia, Best Moment
Halong Bay, Vietnam
"Halong Bay"
Ice Lagoon, Ocean Cruises, Iceland, Europe, Best Moment
Ice Lagoon
"Seeing hundreds of puffins."
Europe, Ocean Cruises, Best Moment, Croatia
"The friendliness of everyone including the crew."
Beautiful White Night on board., Best Moment, Ocean Cruises
Beautiful White Night on board.
Tour booked: Italian Lakes and Pearls of the Adriatic
"The White Night on the Azamara Journey"
James and Moneypenny at the Russian border!, Europe, Ocean Cruises, Norway, Best Moment
James and Moneypenny at the Russian border!
"The trip over the tidal whirlpools."
Plitvice Lakes "Reflection", Ocean Cruises, Europe, Croatia, Best Moment
Plitvice Lakes "Reflection"
Europe, Ocean Cruises, Best Moment
"The visit to Santorini organised by NCL."
View of our boat while visiting the Gjrgic Winery at Trstenik, Ocean Cruises, Best Moment, Europe, Croatia
View of our boat while visiting the Gjrgic Winery at Trstenik
"Many good moments"

One of the best ways to discover what the world has to offer is by taking ocean cruises. Allowing you to seamlessly and conveniently get from one destination to the next, cruises on the open sea enable you to explore a corner of the world in style. You will have plenty of time to relax onboard as you cruise between destinations - but we know that you will soon be itching to step on to dry land to discover exotic locations and their history and culture. Explore our No Fly Ocean Cruises or our Cruise and Tour Ocean Cruises...