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Small group tours

Welcome to our collection of small group tours. On these holidays, we’ve limited the numbers on each departure to between 12 and 24 guests. Keeping numbers low means we can take you further off the beaten track than we’d be able to with a bigger group. We can stay in smaller, boutique-style hotels, and include unique, immersive experiences where you can really get to know your destination – experiences that would be impractical or even impossible for larger groups.

You’ll enjoy a more intimate and sociable atmosphere on your holiday, and you may well find that your like-minded fellow travellers soon become your firm friends. It’s also much easier to meet locals in more personal and informal settings, such as sitting down for a meal with a local family in KwaZulu-Natal or attending a Bukharian cooking class in Uzbekistan.  

Small group safaris

When it comes to safaris, size really is everything. Game drives are best when there’s just a small number of people – you don’t want to be jostling with crowds to catch a glimpse of a lion or standing with scores of other wildlife-watchers while an elephant and her baby drink at a watering hole. 

That’s why all of our African safari holidays, plus our Wild Borneo and Wild Costa Rica tours, are part of our small group tours collection. Being in a small group allows for a much richer safari experience, plus it creates a real sense of camaraderie among the group. 

Why we think Small group tours are so special | Titan Travel

Small Group Tours

Why we think small group tours are so special

Why choose a small group tour?

Enjoy a richer experience

Small group holidays allow for more connection, not only with your fellow travellers, but with the world around you – from meeting local people in their homes and learning about their customs and traditions to enjoying cooking demonstrations and visiting local producers. On our small group tour in Costa Rica, for example, you can practise making traditional jewellery with indigenous craftswomen and learn about traditions passed down from generations.

More hidden gems

We partner with local guides who will give a unique insight into the culture and history of the areas we venture to and perhaps show you secret spots and hidden gems that are not available for larger groups. For example, our small group tours in India’s Tadoba, Pench and Kanha national parks reveal wildlife-rich reserves without the crowds of the more popular spots further north. 

Make friends more easily

With just 12-24 travellers in total, our small group tours are perfect for those who don’t want to feel overwhelmed by a larger group. Our customers tell us they love the ‘family’ atmosphere on these escorted tours and many of them become lifelong friends. Our small group river cruises in Provence and the Loire have a lovely convivial atmosphere on board, with just 11 cabins in total. 

More interaction, less waiting

With small group travel, there is a much more intimate and engaging atmosphere with the people you encounter. There is more opportunity to question the local guides and when there are less people, there’s more time for exploring, adventure and fun. 

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