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Escorted Train and Rail Holiday Tours

It's often been said that travel is as much about the journey as the destination – a saying that's especially apt when it comes to our collection of great train journeys of the world. Sure, you can fly across Europe in a matter of hours. And yes, there are quicker ways to travel between some of Africa's great sights and sounds. But as you step on board a train, you can look forward to seeing these wonders in an entirely different way.

Landscapes unfolding before you like a live-action guide book. Sunrises over mountains and sunsets over the sea, all in a day. The thrill of waking up somewhere completely new. And the romance of travelling as people did centuries ago, in the 'golden era' of rail. 

Amazing train rides feature in all the great train journeys that we offer, whether as the focus of the holiday or as a memorable couple of days within a longer tour. There are tried-and-tested classic train journeys, like the glamorous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer; scenic rides through the Swiss mountains on traditional cogwheel and rack railways; and slick, high-speed journeys across Japan and China. You could even follow a route through the stunning Peruvian countryside on the Titicaca Train. All you have to do is choose which one of our guided train tours to do next – all aboard!

Rocky Mountaineer

Travel through the Canadian Rockies in style, with delicious onboard cuisine, panoramic windows and viewing areas, and friendly train hosts.

Rovos Rail

This restored vintage train features Edwardian and Victorian-style décor, comfortable suites and an observation car from which to watch the South African countryside pass by.

Shinkansen bullet train

Whizz between Japan’s cities on these iconic trains. Travelling at speeds of almost 200mph, they’re the fastest way to get around this fascinating country.

Titicaca Train

The Pullman-inspired Titicaca Train is a stylish way to travel between Lake Titicaca and cultural Cuzco.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

One of the world’s most famous luxury train journeys, travelling to Italy on the magnificent Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is an experience in itself.

VIA Rail

VIA Rail’s ‘The Canadian’ train chugs right across Canada, allowing you to watch the changing scenery from the lounge and observation cars.


This comfortable, high-speed train links two of Russia’s powerhouse cities: Moscow and St Petersburg.