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Introducing our National Park holidays

The world’s great national parks offer unrivalled opportunities to experience some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth, from the snow-blanketed wilds of Alaska to the scorched savannahs of Africa, places you may only have seen before on television documentaries, but there is nothing to compare with being there in person. Imagine a cool early morning in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, the sun rising over the bush as you come face to face with a magnificent wild elephant. Picture yourself in the ‘Wild West,’ the dramatic rock formations, deserts, canyons and mesas familiar as backdrops to many an old cowboy film, laid out before you. Or perhaps you are drawn to the otherworldly ‘ice and fire’ landscapes of Iceland or the exquisite lakes and islands of Croatia? Join Titan on an unforgettable journey, and discover the natural wonders of our world for yourself.

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The USA encompasses some 59 national parks, and you will visit eight of these on The Awe-Inspiring National Parks, Titan’s 18-day exploration of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah and Arizona. The diverse and dramatic scenery of the American West unfolds before you, as you learn more about the flora, fauna and remarkable geology of Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone and Arches National Parks, as you gaze up at the presidential faces on Mount Rushmore, and look down into the dizzying depths of the Grand Canyon. Staying in North America, Titan’s Oregon and the Pacific Coast tour will introduce you to the breathtaking Redwood National Park, home to the world’s tallest tree - a giant sequoia standing over 115m high – and Crater Lake National Park, with its strikingly beautiful eponymous lake, formed after a volcanic eruption several thousand years ago. Alternatively, you could discover the fjords and forests of Gros Morne National Park and Terra Nova National Park, with its craggy cliffs and rolling green hills, on our 15-day Newfoundland and Nova Scotia tour, which also includes a cruise through Iceberg Alley, one of the best places in the world to see icebergs close up, as well as whales, dolphins and a host of seabirds.  

And if you have a passion for wildlife, Africa offers so many opportunities to see some of the world’s most magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Come with us on our Sensational South Africa tour and you’ll enjoy a magical safari experience in the world-famous Kruger National Park, as we seek out the ‘big five’: lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhinoceros. 

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is the setting for that true Australian icon, Uluru, a site held sacred by the native people. And you can see it in all its glory, subtly changing colour as the sun sets behind it on The Best of Australia, a fantastic 23-day journey which also takes in the Great Barrier Reef and the Dandenong Ranges National Park, known for its abundant birdlife and forested mountain trails. 

Or for something a little closer to home, Classic Croatia – Star of the Adriatic presents a wonderful opportunity to see the best of this beautiful country on one tour, including a visit to the lovely Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring a complex of 16 vibrantly-hued lakes and spectacular waterfalls.

Enjoy the journey of a lifetime with Titan, travelling in style and comfort and experiencing the most beautiful national parks the world has to offer!