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Best places to see in November...

A perfect time to travel to southern Asia is November - the weather is just about spot on: dry, not too hot and filled with festival fun. But, as there are numerous destinations to choose from, exactly where is southern Asia makes a great holiday in November?

Thailand is a popular destination for a number of reasons: the beautiful beaches, fascinating history and breathtaking scenery and November only accentuates these factors. Thailand’s famed capital; Bangkok is the perfect place to discover in the comfortable November climate with fascinating attractions such as the Grand Palace and the sacred Temple of the Emerald Buddha ready to be explored.

India is another, the usual burning temperatures cool making it all the more easy to enjoy the bright colours, fascinating culture and spectacular attractions this beautiful region has to offer, the Taj Mahal, Ranthambore National Park - known primarily as protecting the tiger, this national park is also home to a fascinating variety of wild animals, birds and beautiful flora - and Hawa Mahal are all perfect attractions at this time of year.

Vietnam is also cool making it ideal to explore Vietnam’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh City - home to the former Presidential Palace which was unforgettably attacked in 1975 and is now preserved as a museum - and Halong Bay, a picturesque area renowned for its glistening emerald waters and thousands of bizarrely-shaped limestone Karsts.

As November approaches Christmas, many find themselves in need of a relaxing holiday before the busy festive season begins and Madeira fulfils this need, with captivating scenery of jagged volcanic interior to beautiful stretches of coastline to admire, public gardens flourishing and delicious food to indulge in. The capital, Funchal is adored by tourists for its beautiful views, colourful market selling exotic flowers, fresh fish and succulent fruit, and famous Botanical Gardens - helping to give Madeira the alternative name of ‘the floating garden of the Atlantic’, this gardener’s paradise is home to 2,000 difference colourful plants and also a parrot park where around 300 exotic birds reside.

Another to tick the list of best places to go on holiday in November is Chile because it marks the beginning of the summer meaning the region is alight with the glee of the warmest season. The capital, Santiago is a delight to explore, with the colonial buildings, modern towers and distant views of the surrounding snow-capped.