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New England Tour Holidays

In the north-eastern United States, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont make up the area known as New England. The name 'New England' followed the region's status as the location of early 17th century English settlements - established over a century before the founding of the United States. Long known for its welcoming atmosphere and quintessential American appeal, New England retains the unique charm which attracted the pilgrims all those years ago. 

We have put together a range of luxury coach tours which showcase the greatest attractions of New England. Resplendent all year round, New England is a land of picture-postcard rural vistas and idyllic coastal communities - bright and colourful in the summer, stately and cosy in the winter. In autumn, the landscapes of New England become particularly special, as its trees and foliage light up to blaze with the fiery oranges, reds and yellows of Fall.

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New England Tours 

New England represents a large section of the United States and a touring holiday should take advantage of its versatility. Titan’s New England holidays range across the north east, from the picturesque beaches and fishing towns of the coast to the sweeping Appalachian Mountains of its scenic interior. Our tours even go as far as the dramatic Niagara Falls in All New York Holidays - not technically part of New England, but well worth the short trip north. 

Our holidays to New England are designed to reflect the region's exciting seasonal highlights. In the springtime, verdant environments burst into life as colour flows back into the trees and fields and flowers begin to blossom. The bright, hot New England summer is just as pleasing to the eye and sees tourists and locals alike flock to beauty spots around the north east. The fishing communities of Maine's coast take on a new life in the summer months, as beaches crowd with sunbathers, and restaurants with diners seeking the state's famed seafood. To the south, Massachusetts' Cape Cod offers visitors gorgeous coastal sun spots of sandy beaches and gentle ocean waters, while the famous island of Martha's Vineyard, popular with the rich and famous, makes for a glamorous and memorable summer getaway. 

The city of Boston remains one of the biggest and boldest attractions on our range of New England tours - presenting its exciting modern style and rich history simultaneously. In amongst Boston's glossy skyscrapers are sites which echo a glorious, revolutionary past, including Beacon Hill and Back Bay - where the infamous Boston Tea Party once took place. Bostonians are proud of their city's role in the creation of their country - our tours aim to give visitors a sense of that famous fighting spirit. 

It is in the Fall that New England is arguably at its most gorgeous - especially in those months where its greenery begin to glow an autumnal red. For visitors with a desire to explore New England in the fall, holidays around the region can take advantage of its myriad splendours - and we focus our tours on these parts of the region. Destinations like Albany, Burlington and Andover offer ample opportunities to take pictures or make wider explorations through the region's kaleidoscopic rural environments.

One of our best-selling touring holidays, 'Glorious Fall Colours of New England', evokes the trail of autumnal colours that flows through the region. The journey begins with a jaw-dropping stop at Niagara Falls, before turning into New England itself - to Albany, where idyllic white-clapboard buildings contrast beautifully with the rich red tones of the surrounding foliage. In Burlington, visitors have a chance to sample local delicacies, including delicious local cheeses, creams and maple syrup before our journey concludes in New York, where some of the world's most famous attractions await. 

New England's close proximity to New York and Canada makes Titan holidays perfect for wider ranging adventures across North America. Our holidays are dedicated to your comfort: with VIP Home Departure Service to the airport and expert Tour Managers on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly, your New England tour promises to be one of the most colourful, exciting memories you ever make.