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Places to travel in January...

New Year and January is a time for new adventures.

Once Christmas is over, what better way to celebrate the New Year than on a splendid getaway, so where are the best places to go on holiday in January?

New Zealand is a given and the country has a fantastic array of attractions that are well-suited to visit at this time of year including whale watching - without the heat of the summer, spotting whales and dolphins of the coast of Kaikoura makes a much pleasurable experience in cool January - delicious wine tasting and the Waitomo glow-worm caves, a breathtaking adventure through a subterranean cave inhabited by glow-worms which light up the caves creating a magical sea of blue light that truly is a mesmerising sight to behold.

Another perfect place to holiday in January has to be Australia. Spending the post-festive period in this beautifully-warm destination is the ideal way to unwind. Visits to marvellous locations such as Sydney’s Opera House and Melbourne’s lush vineyards including Rochford Winery, are some of all on Titan’s itineraries.

But it isn’t just the warm weather providing a perfect excuse to drift into a tranquil paradise-themed destination; there are many outstanding experiences to be had at this time of the year.

Japan is a splendid example with January exhibiting its Snow Festivals. Titan’s Japanese Winter Wonderland itinerary visits Otaru to witness the Snow Light Path Festival which decorates the city with small snow statues, lanterns and candles on glass floats slowly traveling down the idyllic lakes. Sapporo’s Snow Festival, a spectacle of 250 life-size snow and ice sculptures, will also be discovered along with a visit to the unique Jigokudani Monkey Park, where wild Japanese macaques (snow monkeys) live freely in large groups, unrestricted by fences - a famed highlight is the hot springs, where the monkeys bathe to keep themselves warm, seemingly unfazed by the presence of people.

After all, the start of the year is the perfect time to embark on an adventure, because there are not many of us that are not enthused about the idea of an extra few weeks of summer in the midst of winter, and New Zealand, Australia and Japan simply answer the question as to where to go on holiday in January.