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Best places to visit in February...

The Northern Lights are a rare and beautiful spectacle to see. Picture the clouds conjuring a magic spell, which showers mists of greens, blues, pinks and purples into swirling patterns, painting the sky and bathing the silhouettes of the scenery. They have the ability to completely captivate those that stand beneath them and you will never forget experiencing such an elusive wonder.

The most opportunistic conditions to see the Northern Lights are when the skies are dark and clear, and therefore February is a good time of year to visit due to the long hours of darkness. It is worth noting also however, that other times of year, such as spring and autumn can be good if you do not mind staying up a little later, as the weather conditions are generally more stable.

Along with discovering the idyllic Northern Lights, there are a lot of destinations fitting the title of ‘best place places to go on holiday in February’, including Sri Lanka, minimal rainfall in February provokes majestic discoveries including visits to ancient capitals, beautiful forest land, fascinating hillside villages renowned for producing the world’s best tea and outstanding views of elephants wandering incredible national parks - all of these activities are on Titan’s The Best of Sri Lanka itinerary.

In February Madeira hosts its famous carnival to celebrate the island’s traditions. Funchal kick starts the celebrations with one of the island’s largest parades, the Great Allegorical Carnival Parade, which sees performances from 10am-9pm, captivating floats travelling down the streets with locals in extravagant costumes and samba bands filling the atmosphere with bright, vibrant sounds. The carnival continues throughout the week with exuberant marches, live music and high-spirited parades - Titan’s Madeira Carnival tour experiences all of the extravagant festivities, along with having organised excursions to some of the island’s most beautiful spots and enticing attractions such as the Botanical Gardens.

February can be a particularly dull month for some, with Christmas feeling like a life-time-ago for many and cold weather expected most days. The Caribbean is a tremendous example of where to holiday in February for sun-seekers; white-sandy beaches, lush green landscapes along with the numerous attractions and enchanted natural, scenic beauty inevitably make the destination desirable. Whether you are relaxing on board a cruise, exploring the pristine beaches or enjoying an adventure on the Dunn River Falls - Jamaica’s unique scenic waterfall - the Caribbean is an unbeatable place to holiday in February.

Mexico is another enticing destination of sapphire blue waters, powdery white sands and emerald jungles, all of which are well-suited for the February traveller. The remarkable towering ancient temples - such as the Santa Maria de la Asuncion, thought to be 2000 years old this site has an enthralling history - and charming colonial towns are a truly spellbinding visit, and in February it’s much easier to roam these enchanted sites way before the peak tourism summer months begin!