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Best places to visit in August...

July (until September) marks the start of the famous Great Migration across the plains of Kenya's Masai Mara. It’s one of the most impressive spectacles of nature, the annual ‘Great Migration’ of more than two million wildebeest, zebras, gazelles and elands as they leave the Serengeti and make their way northwards to the fresher pastures of the Masai Mara. The exact timings of the migration cannot, of course, be guaranteed, but join us on the August and September departures of our Grand Safari Kenya tour and you have a good chance of witnessing the extraordinary sight of countless magnificent wild animals thundering across the plains, with predators such as lions and hyenas following in their wake.

Tanzania is another African destination hosting fantastic wildlife and with its two incredible national parks, Tarangire National Park and Serengeti National Park, it’s no wonder tourists return year after year. Game drives are available at both to capture the extraordinary wildlife and as August is the middle of the dry season here, it is easy to see the wildebeests as they gather around waterholes out in the open. In August, Titan’s essential South Africa tour sets off to capture some of the most breathtaking natural beauty - including incredible mountains, lush forests, beautiful deserts and seas - and breathtaking species, such as Southern Right Whales, bull elephants and beautiful, small African Penguins. The Black Rhino Game Reserve is also visited, and at this time of year the season has brightened the colours of the varied landscapes, grassland and forests making it a much more pleasant time to sightsee the awe-inspiring wildlife advocating this Reserve such as the elephant, black rhino, lion and leopard as well as many species of bird and reptile.

However, if you seek sunshine and gentle discovery, exactly where to go on holiday in August is probably your question? Well, Portugal’s scenic countryside glistens with elegance in August and Titan’s Grand Designs of Portugal tour is renowned for its delightful itinerary that visits the best places in this captivating European region. Porto - which is visited on this tour - is beautifully alive in summer; the city is positioned in the hills falling down to the incredible Douro River, where you will see traditional wooden sailing barges gliding through the glistening, warm waters which is how wine was once transported here - and there Portugal is a splendid place to relax and enjoy wine in the sunshine-filled atmosphere.

The UK is also one of Titan’s best places to go on holiday in August with the Peak District offering utterly beautiful landscapes to admire, rich history to explore and charming towns to be discovered all in the comfort of delightful weather. Titan offers summer tours to Yorkshire and Durham which see the historic monuments of the cities including Durham’s UNESCO-listed cathedral and castle and historic, charming streets and Yorkshire’s beautiful castles and abbeys, Ripon and the Black Sheep Brewery and numerous fascinating museums.