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Danube River Cruises

Flowing east from the Black Forest, the Danube is a truly remarkable river. It has been a frontier of the Roman Empire, a trade route, a humanitarian and agricultural lifeline to large swathes of Eastern Europe, and – of course – is the subject of Johann Strauss’ most famous waltz.

The Blue Danube is far more than a mere waltz though; whilst it has played an irrefutable role in history, today it runs through ten countries, numerous cities and is one of the most interesting and culturally diverse rivers in the world. From Austria through to its Black Sea delta in Romania, the Danube holds a vast array of treasures and experiences waiting to be discovered – what better way can there be to do this than on a Danube river cruise with Titan?

Although an area that many of us know little about, there is a huge variety of cultural treasures and experiences along the banks of the Danube, making it an ideal river cruise for those who know a little already and those who have a desire to discover the unknown.

The stunning Austrian countryside and its glorious cities are adored by many of our customers, so feature in many of our Danube cruises. For most though, the pinnacle of your time in Austria will be time spent in Vienna – or Wien, as it is known in German. Austria’s capital has something for everybody; whether you are after music, culture, food or a mixture of all of them, Vienna will welcome you with open arms. From the majestic architecture of the Wiener Staatsoper (the Vienna Opera House) and the Schönbrunn Palace, to the strings of the Vienna Philharmonic and the lavish cafes serving the Viennese classic, Sachertorte, once you have visited Vienna you will always want to come back and see more.

Like many cities, Hungary's capital, Budapest, is carved in two by the Danube; but unlike most of those cities Budapest started life as two distinct places: Buda and Pest.  Often described as the jewel of Eastern Europe, or the Paris of the East, Budapest is renowned for its incredible architecture – most famously the Chain Bridge and the striking gothic building on the Pest embankment which houses the Hungarian parliament, often seen reflected in the waters of the Danube in photos of the city.

Of all the cities on the Danube, Belgrade, the Serbian capital, has to be one of the most historic. It has been the site of civilisations for over 2,500 years with its more recent history featuring the Ottoman and Austrian empires, Yugoslavia its eventual emergence into present-day Serbia. Such a history has left the city legacies of large parklands, palatial buildings and a fascinating history visiting the city.

There are many other fascinating towns and cities that could be described to great length, but they are best discovered by visiting them. Our river cruises not only show you these diverse and exciting cities, but sailing along the Danube will also allow you to see the beautiful countryside that unfolds from the river’s banks. From the foothills of the Austrian Alps through the wide fields surrounding Budapest and Belgrade to the delta at the Black Sea, the Danube is one of the most diverse and delightful rivers in Europe, a fantastic choice for anyone planning a river cruise.

By booking with Titan not only can you rest assured that you will have an imaginative and exciting itinerary planned, but that you are in safe and experienced hands. All our Danube river cruises are on board our specially-selected vessels with a dedicated Tour Manager on hand twenty-four hours a day. On top of this any transfers your river cruise needs will be by excellent drivers on first-class coaches, and our legendary VIP Home Departure service will also ensure that your holiday starts from the moment you leave your front door.

Whether you wish to see Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade or anywhere in between, here at Titan Travel we will ensure that your holiday is a truly magical experience. It does not matter which of our Danube river cruises you go on, Titan Travel will help you see the world differently and ensure that the Danube won’t seem quite the same again.