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Antarctica Holidays

Astonishingly beautiful and remote, Antarctica is an incredible natural wonderland.

Sitting at the bottom of the world, the Great White Continent is one of the most isolated places on earth. Yet it’s this remoteness that enhances any visit – alongside its collection of wildlife, of course.

On our Antarctica cruise, huge sculpted icebergs, each showcasing its own shade of blue, become an everyday sight. Vast jagged mountain ranges and dazzling banks of snow skew your sense of scale. Snowy reflections in glasslike waters are interrupted only by the ship’s bow, or maybe a group of porpoising penguins. And the silence is broken only by the unmistakable blow of a humpback whale, or the deep rumblings of the sea ice passing the ship’s hull.

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What might I see in Antarctica?

When it comes to wildlife, few destinations can rival Antarctica for the number of penguins you’ll encounter. Nor the feeling when one introduces itself to you. Nesting penguins, so elegant under water, become comical birds that waddle up and down their penguin highways. Their confident curiosity and ability to argue with one another will surprise and delight in equal measure. 

Penguins aren’t the only creatures you’ll encounter, though. Seals are a common sight and there’s a variety to look out for, including crabeaters, rotund Weddell seals and the formidable leopard seal. The main food source of the penguins, krill, is also a draw for whales. You’ll likely spot a humpback or two – and if you’re really lucky, a group of orca.

An expedition cruise to this frozen continent includes a whole mix of ice cruises and landings by zodiac. There are two (perhaps unexpected) stops that might also be included. How about taking a refreshing dip in the Antarctic Ocean, warmed by the geothermal heat of the active volcano that is Deception Island? Or maybe send your family a postcard from the Penguin Post Office? However you experience it, Antarctica is sure to be a life-changing destination.

Why travel to Antarctica with Titan?

Our Antarctica tour includes a short stay in Buenos Aires – home of the tango and resting place of Eva Perón. Local guides will be on hand in Argentina, while on board you’ll be looked after by Hurtigruten’s expedition team. They’ll ensure everything runs smoothly and safely, and that you get the most out of your Antarctic experience.

As with all of our holidays, you’ll enjoy our VIP door-to-door travel services to take you from home to the airport. Your driver will be waiting at the airport on your return too – so you can sit back and relax as you’re whisked home in comfort.