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Introducing Dutch Waterways

The compact area that the low countries’ rivers and canals cover make them perfect for scenic cruising.

Where else could you visit capital cities, charming historical towns and colourful natural displays, all within such a manageable time and distance? Enjoy a stroll around Amsterdam, with its famous canals and cobbled streets; witness the stunning tulip display at Keukenhof Gardens; visit the imposing Castle of the Counts in Ghent and to enjoy a drink on Brussels’ bustling Grand Place, all within a few days. The Netherlands and Belgium are made for relaxed river cruising.

Four of our Dutch river cruises are special springtime itineraries to coincide with tulip-flowering season. Each one includes a visit to the famous Keukenhof Gardens, where you’ll be able to see some of the most spectacular tulip fields in the world – millions of bulbs are hand-planted here every year. Timings are all down to the weather, of course, but with sailings throughout April and early May, we’ll give ourselves the best possible chance to see the flowers in bloom.