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Holidays in Argentina

Argentina is today more famous as the home of the gaucho and the birthplace of the tango. Travellers should not miss Iguassu Falls and the colonial elegance of Buenos Aires, the ‘Paris of South America’. Buenos Aires is a city of simmering excitement and a tango heartbeat, energetic and vibrant, boasting a variety of interesting sights.

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Argentina in South America is a country that is spectacular to visit and slightly off the tourist trail, as nearby Peru and Brazil are often at the top of the agenda for those visiting the continent due to the New Seven Wonders they boast.

However, at Titan Travel, we believe Argentina is the perfect place for those who want to combine interesting history and culture with elegant cities and, of course, the chance to sample in person the birthplace of the tango.

Its convenient location means you can also explore its South American neighbours Peru and Brazil on a cruise, for example, or head further afield to Antarctica and the Falkland Islands.

As such, a holiday to Argentina truly makes for the trip of a lifetime, especially when you travel with Titan.

Buenos Aires
The capital city of Argentina is Buenos Aires and it is a beautiful and elegant destination which will make a lasting impression. Here, you can get to grips with the famous Argentine tango at an evening show, where professional dancers will showcase the intricate and spellbinding footsteps that make the dance so popular.

Buenos Aires is also affectionately referred to as the Paris of South America, and as you stroll through the streets lined with colonial buildings and beautiful architecture, you will understand how the nickname stuck.

The oldest district is called San Telmo - wander around here and you will come across cafes and tango bars lining cobbled streets, while La Boca is the area where many artists live and is packed with houses painted in bright colours.

Some of the highlights to visit on touring holidays to the capital include the Metropolitan Cathedral, the colonial Cabildo and the presidential palace Casa Rosada.

Los Glaciers National Park
The Los Glaciers National Park is the perfect place to see the stunning lakes and mountains and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981.

It is home to two major lakes, Lago Argentino and Lago Viedma, while the glaciers here are unusual in that they form around 1,500 m above sea level. Glaciers are typically found 2,500 m above sea level.

Around 95,000 hectares are covered by lakes, while 260,000 hectares of the park are coated with ice. However, flora and fauna can still be enjoyed, with approximately 79,000 hectares covered in woodland.

Combining Argentina touring holidays

The history of the Falkland Islands makes them a fascinating port of call for anyone interested in world affairs. The archipelago is a paradise for birdwatchers also, with unspoilt beaches and stunning cliffs the ideal home for winged creatures.

Stanley Harbour is located in the capital city of Stanley and is a picturesque spot to soak up the scenery. Hundreds of species of birds call the islands home, including the penguin, albatross, Cobb's wren and the Falklands Flightless Steamer Duck.

You will also more than likely spot the fur seal, sea lion and the elephant seal as you explore this haven for wildlife.

Argentina is easily accessible to and from Antarctica, meaning touring holidays to the South American country can combine a trip to the icy destination.

Antarctica is truly a place that will make lasting memories and, like the Falkland Islands, is relatively undisturbed by tourism. You might even be lucky enough to spot whales and dolphins swimming beside your boat.