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Las Vegas Tour Holidays

Nestled like a jewel in Nevada's Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is sometimes referred to as 'America's playground' - and it is easy to see why: the city glows with neon lights, elaborate theme hotels and gaudy attractions. But, beyond Sin City's glittering lights are some of the United States' most spectacular landscapes and environments, including the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon. 

We have over 25 years experience running tours to the United States. Our escorted holidays to Las Vegas are often just the start of unforgettable adventures throughout the American south west - where dramatic desert vistas, unique rock formations and impressive man made spectacles stretch far beyond the limits of the city.

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See Las Vegas with Titan

Stepping off the coach in Las Vegas is like arriving in another world. The city is an endless stream of glittering lights and spectacles: from the Bellagio Hotel's famous fountain, to the MGM Grand's full-size looping roller-coaster, a walk down the Las Vegas Strip is a one-of-a-kind experience. The sensory kaleidoscope continues inside the city's boutique shops and extravagant casinos - where guests spin the roulette wheel, test their bluffing skills at the poker table or roll the dice in a game of craps.

The thrills of our Las Vegas tours do not end there. Throughout the day and night, the hotels along the length of the Strip stage a range of spectacular live action shows, including the Mirage's dramatic erupting volcano and Treasure Island's raging pirate ship battle - complete with deep man-made lagoon. 

Grand Canyon Tours 

Leaving the lights of Vegas behind, our tours take visitors east, towards the dramatic Hoover Dam. This natural obstruction has stood since the 1930s and created Lake Meade, which extends over 100 miles long. As a contrast to the man-made achievement of the Dam, our tours move on to one of Nevada's main attractions: the jaw-dropping natural wonder of the Grand Canyon.

To understand the sheer enormity of the Grand Canyon, you must see it for yourself. Over millennia, the Colorado River carved a path through the rock, and today this geological phenomenon extends over 277 miles across Arizona, with sides 18 miles apart and over a mile deep. For a unique perspective, our tours travel on the Grand Canyon Railway, following a route along the southern rim and passing through a variety of forest and desert landscapes. Grand Canyon tours take a variety of formats, including - for the adventurous - helicopter and plane rides which bring passengers over and into the deep fissures and cliffs that comprise the canyon. 

Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon 

The journey from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon - along with all their associated experiences - can be overwhelming, but our signature tour, 'Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon', ensures you get to see the best of Nevada and Arizona's natural and man-made wonders. Our tour begins in Vegas, where visitors have time to browse the splendour of the Strip before an evening orientation tour helps guide you through the glittering city night-time. 

After Vegas, we travel scenic Route 66's desert vistas, before a stop at the fascinating Lost City Museum, built on Native Anasazi ruins and chronicling the history of the region's Native Americans. The museum gives way to the breathtaking Valley of Fire - renowned for its incredible rock formations and views. The quiet natural wonder of the desert ultimately reveals the magnificent Hoover Dam before our tours arrive at the epic Grand Canyon. 

The wonder of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon forms only a small part of the North America's potential for incredible holidays. We run dozens of tours around the south west - including trips around California and the rugged wilderness of the region's numerous, National Parks. Our tours focus on delivering unforgettable experiences - and include a dedicated Tour Manager, on hand at all times to help with advice and information about any aspect of your trip. We also run a VIP Home Departure Service, to deliver you from your doorstep, to the airport and ultimately, the first steps on your thrilling American adventure!