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Singles Holidays for Solo Travellers

Travel solo, but never alone, with a singles holiday from Titan

If you are travelling by yourself, rest assured Titan understands solo travel. We welcome thousands of solo travellers on holiday every year, and whether it’s relaxing on your own, enjoying sociable dining or embarking on group excursions, we’ll make sure your tour is memorable from start to finish. Singles holidays are made for enjoying – embrace your wanderlust and get ready to make memories which’ll last a lifetime.

No matter if your travel style is witnessing natural wonders or exploring hidden cultural gems, Titan works hard to ensure our holidays for one are tailored to you. You’ll be looked after throughout the tour, having the chance to mingle with other single travellers in your group and experience different cultures on tours which span north, south, east and west. All in all, a Titan solo holiday delivers a first-class getaway with like-minded people and excursions hand-picked by our expert guides.

See what our customers say in this short video:

New solo departure dates

Solo holidays always make for a great adventure. Our tours are perfect for those who favour the safety and security of hassle-free travel with like-minded British travellers, seeking out new holiday experiences and destinations. Whether you’re tempted by history-packed cities in Europe or tropical coastlines further afield, our singles holidays can fulfil your travel desires.

Our customer stories are very important to us, so we asked Roseanne Kelly, a 72 year old Solo Traveller about her most recent trip with Titan "Natural Wonders of Alaska" and how she felt travelling solo on a group tour...

Do you mind travelling solo? What’s your experience of travelling in a group?

"I tend to travel solo within a tour group.  I do wish that my friends would travel, but I have become used to joining a group. 

I do socialise with the group when I go. Initially it is a bit difficult to strike up conversations with strangers, but once you get over the initial meeting it becomes easier. I made three really nice friends on my Alaska trip and I am going on a trip with one of them next year."

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Athabasca glacier
Escorted Tour

Escorted Tour

Natural Wonders of Alaska

North America

13 days from

£3,199 per person