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Deep South USA Tours

Bright, bold and exciting, there is something about the effortless charm of America's Deep South that draws visitors back again and again. The heritage of the South is a bubbling mix of cuisine, art and natural beauty, offering a huge range of holiday possibilities. With over 25 years' experience creating holidays in the United States, our Deep South USA tours continue a tradition of luxury and top-class service on coach journeys around one of the most memorable regions of North America.

The USA's southern states cover a huge swathe of the country, including Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. Given the sheer size of the South, visitors can expect to find a diversity of people, cultures and environments - and some of the world's finest music, food and drink. From Elvis Presley to Jerry Lee Lewis, and gumbo to fried shrimp, a Deep South touring holiday promises treats for all senses.

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Tipping is a way of life in the US – aim to leave around 18-20% of the final bill if you feel the service merits it.  


In America they use the US dollar ($). $1 = 100 cents. 


Due to its size, the Deep South sits across two time zones. Georgia and east Tennessee are within the Eastern Time Zone (ETZ), which is five hours behind GMT. Heading further west, middle and west Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi are all within the Central Time Zone (CTZ), which is six hours behind GMT.  


Mains voltage in the US is 120 volts AC, 60 Hz. American flat-pin plugs are used – pick one up before you travel and that way you’ll have no trouble using electrical appliances abroad. 


Generally, the Deep South has sunny weather throughout the year. Spring sees warm days mixed with cooler mornings and evenings – expect to see blossoming gardens and temperatures in the early 20s. Summers are hot, with days reaching averages of 27 degrees Celsius. Autumn (or fall) is prone – like spring – to cooler temperatures, although don’t be surprised if the summer’s heat seeps into play, too. Winters in the Deep South are cold, but still warmer than that of the UK. Average winter temperatures are around 11 degrees, while there is also an increase in rainfall at this time.

Passports and visas

British citizens don’t need a visa for holidays in America – only their passports. Make sure yours is valid for the duration of your stay before you travel, and be sure to keep it on you at all times.