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Tours in New York

For millions of immigrants throughout the 19th and early 20th century, New York was the first glimpse of a new home. Today, its famous skyline evokes that same spirit of discovery for visitors arriving on Titan escorted tours. No other city quite matches the unique character of New York: from Central Park to Liberty Island, the Empire State Building to Brooklyn Bridge, the city is the home of landmarks which have shaped and defined the United States throughout recent history.

A vast melting pot of people, history and culture, New York packs a lot of experiences into one place - and visits to the city can be overwhelming. Our New York tours focus on this diversity to bring visitors to the best and brightest parts of 'the city that never sleeps'.

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Each of New York's districts, including Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx, has its own identity - and we aim to create exciting journeys through this urban labyrinth: you could stroll the stylish neighbourhoods of Greenwich Village, shop in fashionable Soho, or climb glossy skyscrapers for epic views of the city's length and breadth.

New York can feel like many cities in one, with so many people and cultures making up the one city. Visitors can experience a spectrum of global influences - not least in the city's food and drink, which takes in delicious dishes from the vibrant Greek, Italian and Chinese quarters. If you are planning an even more memorable culinary experience, the city offers an array of exquisite food from the world's greatest chefs, including Gordon Ramsay's Maze and Marcus Samuelsson's Aquavit restaurants amongst many others. 

Our exclusive New York holidays incorporate a first day sightseeing tour, which not only orients you within what can be a confusing urban environment, but presents a procession of the city's most sensational sights. Our guided sightseeing tours take in the stately Wall Street, the gaudy Rockefeller Centre and the towering Empire State Building - and generate plenty of ideas for how to spend your coming days in the city.

Beyond the guided tour, our New York escorted holidays allow you to make your own explorations - and, with that in mind, our customers receive a City Explorer pass with access to numerous attractions. After climbing the Empire State building and acquiring the lay of the land, why not walk the Brooklyn Bridge or sail to the Statue of Liberty? Shopping-addicts will be spoiled for choice, with world famous department stores, such as Macy's, Bloomingdales and Saks, presenting tempting ways to absorb an afternoon. Trips to Central Park will conjure memories of countless films and TV shows: the park is a spectacular 850-acre slice of nature with its own special attractions, most notably the Central Park Zoo. In the evenings, New York sparkles - and visitors choose from delights including glamorous restaurants, nights out at exclusive bars or trips to glitzy Broadway theatres for extravagant musicals.

To capture the magic of New York, we created one of our flagship tours: 'New York, New York, the City that Never Sleeps'. The trip includes our guided sightseeing tour, which takes in Greenwich Village, Washington Square and the United Nations building along with every other blockbuster Manhattan attraction. City Explorer passes are included in the tour, so visitors may spend their time shopping, sightseeing or relaxing at their leisure. New York's size can be daunting - planning your exploration ahead of time is certainly worthwhile!

Our New York breaks fit seamlessly with wider adventures across the United States and rest of North America. The city's proximity to Canada makes it ideal for journeys to Niagara Falls and Ontario, while New England, to the north, offers the perfect contrast of rolling countryside and quiet coastal communities. A few states west, the city of Chicago stands at the edge of Route 66 - the highway which takes travellers from America's verdant north east, right through its sun-drenched Pacific coast.

Titan brings New York to life - if you are planning your own adventure in the Big Apple, the perfect holiday is waiting for you.