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Canadian Tour Holidays

The natural beauty of Canada stretches from coast to coast - and ensures every Titan tour is a special experience. Our Canadian coach tours take visitors from bustling cities to sprawling wilderness, while our rail tours cover even larger distances, offering unique perspectives on some of the most varied and dramatic natural environments in North America. Finally, cruises leaving from British Columbia reveal the stunning beauty of Canada's Pacific coastline and a fascinating new world of frozen Alaskan landscapes.

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Amongst the many incredible destinations our tours visit, the sprawling Rocky Mountains, running through the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, represent one of Canada's showpiece attractions. As a holiday destination, the Rockies are without equal: a breathtaking mix of towering snow-capped peaks, deep forested canyons and wide open vistas. Our tours of the Canadian Rockies take place in luxury coaches or train carriages - the latter incorporating the extravagant Rocky Mountaineer railroad. The Rocky Mountaineer is a quintessential Canadian adventure: passengers experience the Rockies from the comfort of plush carriages fitted with panoramic observation windows, while enjoying fine food and drink and the benefit of knowledgeable tour guides.

Beyond the Canadian Rockies, our holidays reach British Columbia, where luxury cruises leave from the metropolitan port city of Vancouver. Our cruises travel up Canada's Pacific coast, towards Alaska and thousands of kilometres of unspoilt wilderness hiding isolated settlements, forested mountain terrain and ancient glaciers. British Columbia is just as captivating: Vancouver presents visitors with a bustling, modern environment with countless possibilities for exploration, while Rocky Mountain settlements across the province's eastern boundary offer an abundance of authentic frontier experiences. Our rail tours around Alberta and British Columbia may be incorporated into wider adventures - with options to add coach tours and cruises at either end of the trip. 

Canada's appeal extends further than the beauty of its western provinces and, in the east, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec hold countless holiday possibilities, each presenting their own particular flavour of Canadian culture and history. Amongst hundreds of world famous landmarks and attractions all across the east, a holiday with Titan offers opportunities to climb Toronto's CN Tower, explore Ottawa's stately Parliament Hill or stroll the walled Quebec City - complete with historic fort and defensive cannons. Canada's eastern provinces are also a showcase of natural spectacles - including Quebec's Charlevoix Coastline, the awesome Lake Ontario and the mighty Niagara Falls right on the border with the United States scenic north east are a great way to extend your North American adventure. 

Thousands of travellers discover Canada and North America on a Titan tour. Our personalised service includes our award-winning VIP Home Departure Service and luxury accommodation at every step of your journey. During your trip, dedicated Tour Managers work to ensure your trip is never less than memorable - all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for one of the world's most incredible countries to come you.


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