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Tours to Venice

Venice, Northern Italy’s city built across 100 small islands on a picturesque lagoon. This romantic city is made up of enchanting cobblestone streets, where gondolas travel through narrow waterways, passing ancient architecture and elegant squares.

The perfect tours to Venice take in the highlights including the Gothic-style Doge’s Palace, St Mark’s Basilica and Piazza San Marco which boast enthralling history. Tours to Venice wouldn’t be complete without sampling the mouthwatering local cuisine; expect inventive dishes mixing ancient spice with popular flavours along with traditional Italian dishes - the venue options are just as magnificent with canal-side bistros and restaurants presenting perfect dining experiences to all who visit.  

Titan’s tours to Venice come in all shapes and sizes with river cruises, ocean cruises, land tours and a luxurious rail tour including the lavish Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, all dedicated to making sure travellers experience the very best of the city, including the highlights, epic history, striking architecture and stunning landscapes.  

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About Venice

Venice is said to date back to 421 AD when people ran from the Barbarian invasions throughout the country, only to arrive in the beautiful Venetian lagoon. The city flourished ever since, with the Doge’s Palace constructed in the 9th century, the first bank established in the 12th century, the city became a free port in the 19th century, and the Venice Film Festival began in the 1930s.

The Doge’s Palace was one of the first grand structures, and now works as a symbol of Venice. The palace has played a key role, having been the seat of Venice’s government for centuries; enjoy a visit admiring the exquisite Byzantine-Venetian, Gothic and Renaissance styles representing the building’s long past, along with the armoury, prisons, apartments, and institutional chambers.

Things to do / see

The Grand Canal is a sight to see; this major traffic-free turquoise waterway sweeps through the heart of the city. Watch as classic boats and water taxis journey through the waters surrounded with ancient buildings, and handsome Gothic architecture. Gondolas are also known for travelling through the Grand Canal and into the narrow connecting lanes - manoeuvring through these waterways takes great skill and centuries of tradition passed down through families. The boats have been around for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until the 14th century, when horses were banned from the streets of Venice, they became the preferred form of transport; today they are considered an iconic experience of Venice.

St Mark’s Basilica is another treasured landmark, not only of Venice but of Italy too; wander the picturesque streets and feast your eyes upon this architectural masterpiece that has dominated historic Saint Mark’s Square since the 9th century. The multi-domed basilica is even more impressive inside with is golden Byzantine mosaics stretching over 8,000 square metres, an embellished altar, sacred relics and precious artwork.

As well as spellbinding architecture, scenery and cuisine are elements that make Venice a wonderful destination, so why not put the two together and enjoy some local seafood at a canal-side restaurant.

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