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Czech Republic Tour Holidays

Heartland of the old Kingdom of Bohemia and domain of ‘Good King Wenceslas’, the Czech Republic is a fascinating land of fairy-tale castles, beautifully preserved medieval cities and lush, ancient forests. The biggest draw is, of course, Prague, the country’s remarkable capital city, renowned for its exquisite collection of Gothic, baroque, Art Nouveau and even Cubist architecture, together forming a harmonious and unique cityscape which invites exploration. The magnificent Prague Castle, St Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square, with its medieval astronomical clock, are just some of the sights this exciting city has to offer.

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Our holidays to the Czech Republic focus on its capital city of Prague, offering visitors opportunities to absorb its grand architectural wonders and thrilling cultural attractions. Situated on the banks of the Vltava river, Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic and the historic capital of Bohemia - the ancient country at the heart of central Europe. As a gateway to the east and west, Prague dominated European politics, culture and art for over 1000 years, developing a heritage which showcased the products of the Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance eras. Today, visitors can explore that sprawling legacy in the city's numerous world famous landmarks and museums. 

Those travelling with us experience Prague and the Czech Republic via a wide range of touring holidays or on extended stays in the city. Taking place as wider explorations of Europe, our coach tours often stretch into France, Germany, Austria and Hungary - even incorporating scenic river cruise sections. Titan's Rhine Discovery and Prague tour lets visitors explore the Czech capital before transfer onto legendary Rhine river, which heads west towards Switzerland. On the Vienna, Prague and Budapest coach tour, visitors spend an indulgent three days in the Czech capital, before beginning the road journey south, to Austria and Hungary - and a journey through some of the continent's most spectacular natural environments.

At Titan Travel, we have over three decades of experience creating unforgettable holidays all over the world. Our tours and holidays in the Czech Republic continue this tradition with a VIP Home Departure service to the airport - and with dedicated Tour Managers who work tirelessly during your stay to make sure your dream holiday runs perfectly. If you are planning your own European holiday, with Titan, the mystery and beauty of Prague - and the Czech Republic - are closer than you think.