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Highlights of Alberta

The North American spirit of exploration is alive and well in the province of Alberta, Canada, where the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains provides the backdrop for a variety of Titan touring holidays. Alberta holds some of the most spectacular scenery in the world - and tours in the province take visitors past towering snow-capped peaks, sweeping prairies and miles and miles of spectacular wilderness.

The Canadian Rockies

First settled by Europeans in the 17th century Alberta is one of Canada's westernmost provinces. Known as 'Wild Rose Country' after the flowers growing in the Great Plains, Alberta became a province in 1905 - named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and wife of the Governor General of Canada. Alberta is most famous for its breathtaking scenery, including the Canadian Rockies, running along its western border with British Columbia - and its variety of incredible natural wonders, including beautiful Lake Louise and the Banff hot springs.


Like the journeys of frontiersmen of centuries past, our tours in Alberta are adventures - promising unique experiences of untamed natural environments. In the Canadian Rockies, new sights lie around every corner, including one of their most famous attractions, Lake Louise - just outside the mountain town of Banff. Against a ring of spectacular mountains, the waters of Lake Louise shine a brilliant sapphire blue while the trails surrounding it hold hours of scenic entertainment for anyone with a taste for exploration. From nearby Banff, visitors can take a variety of excursions, including a gondola ride to the summit of Sulphur Mountain and, of course, a relaxing dip in the town's famous hot springs.

Lake Louise

Beyond Banff, tours head north along a stunning, scenic route into Jasper National Park. Along the way, travellers encounter the vast Columbia Icefield, the largest sub-polar body of ice in North America. Covering 215 square kilometres, the Icefield feeds a number of spectacular glaciers, including the Athabasca Glacier - which visitors navigate on special, all-terrain Ice Explorer vehicles. Jasper National Park bursts with its own collection of natural wonders, like the limestone depths of Maligne Canyon or the crystal waters of the adjoining Maligne Lake - the largest glacial lake in the Rockies. The town of Jasper is also the start-point of a definitive Albertan experience: the Rocky Mountaineer railroad, a luxurious train journey through the Rockies which takes travellers west into British Columbia.

The Rocky Mountaineer

Beyond its stunning natural beauty, Alberta's urban environments hold their own appeal - and the tranquil charms of mountain settlements like Banff and Jasper contrast beautifully with the glitz and glamour of the province's famous cities. From the metropolitan style of the capital city of Edmonton, to the vibrant rodeo atmosphere of its largest city, Calgary, trips across the province promise countless captivating holiday experiences.

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Article published on: 4th March, 2014



Nicola considers herself very lucky to have had the opportunity to visit a number of places around the world and these experiences usually involve searching for as many kinds of wildlife as possible. Recent highlights include penguins in Antarctica, bears and whales in Canada and Alaska and sea otters in California - but there are always more animals to search for.

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