Geirangerfjord, Norway. A view of the fjord and village of Geiranger in the summer. Landscape.
11 June, 20191 minute read

Norway's fjords

Ancient and awe-inspiring, the fjords of Norway have carved their place on Earth over millennia. Silent monuments built from the sea and the rock, the drama of the fjords draws visitors from across the world - and evokes the sweeping beauty of Norway perfectly.

Tours of the Norwegian fjords are epic in scale and cruise ships wind their way between towering, snow-capped mountains and rolling hills on crystal clear glacial rivers and lakes. Many destinations on our fjord adventures have remained unchanged for hundreds - or even thousands - of years and the towns and communities lining the riverbanks are steeped in rural and fishing tradition. Fjord settlements include Stavanger, gateway to the stunning Gandsfjord, the lakeside city of Bergen, with its historic cobbled waterfront, and to the north, the village of Flåm, set against a watercolour backdrop of idyllic farms, orchards, lakes and rivers.

The mountain scenery rising above and around Norway's fjords is breathtaking: silent peaks watch over verdant landscapes of forests and flowers teeming with a variety of wildlife. The environments through which fjords run are carefully protected - and offer hours of possibility for the adventurous: must see locations include Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the picturesque Lusterfjord, and the national park of the spectacular Hardangerfjord.

Carved from the rock by gigantic shelves of incrementally moving ice, the fjords of Norway are uniquely beautiful. Our tours give travellers the opportunity to experience this ancient wonder firsthand - on rail, coach and hiking excursions to glaciers like the mighty Jostedal and Briksdal or the Jostedalsbreen glacier near the port of Skjolden - the largest on the European mainland. Each glacier you visit is a chance to step back in time millions of years - and create memories which stay with you long after your Norwegian adventure is over.

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