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Even though Norway is only a few hours from the UK, this magical destination will seem like a remote and mysterious land. With a vast and sweeping wilderness, it is a natural playground with contemporary cities, a vibrant cultural life, a fantastic foodie scene, and an abundance of wildlife. We have over 10 different Norway tours that will take you on an adventure through awesome fjords, and spectacular landscapes, photogenic Scandinavian cities including Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø, and go in search of one of earth’s greatest natural phenomenon - the Northern Lights. You’ll discover fascinating tales of Viking culture, see architectural brilliance, journey through winding twisting roads with jaw-dropping views and try Kjøttkaker (Norwegian meatballs) washed down with cool Pilsner beer. So if you’ve wondered if you should choose to holiday in Norway, read on to find out more.

The landscapes are breathtaking

Norway is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has a raw allure that beguiles every traveller who is lucky enough to see it and on our escorted tours to Norway, you'll get plenty of opportunities. The extraordinary scenery sees immeasurable fjords cut deep into the jagged coastline battered by the roaring Atlantic. There are endless ice fields spreading across the serene Arctic tundra, and glaciers that loom magnificent and proud. There are moody forested hills, tumbling river valleys, glistening lakes and epic mountains that provide the backdrop to picture-perfect coastal settlements, as well as architecturally stylish cityscapes.

Feel closer to the awesome presence of nature, wherever you venture and if you’re lucky enough, you may even spot some of Norway’s amazing wildlife from whales to puffins, polar bears and moose. Our Norway cruises traverse through blue-black fjords and venture to the Arctic Circle where the skies shimmer and the land sprawl across limitless stretches.


It’s the land of the midnight sun

Norway is one of very few destinations where the sunset blends into the sunrise and there is no nighttime in between. Eerie but bewitching, Norway is one of the best places to encounter the midnight sun, which is at its strongest near the Arctic Pole - which has continuous sunlight for six months at a time. As you move further south, the midnight sun is less visible, and for those who choose to holiday in Norway during the summer months, they will experience a dappled sunlight in the evenings, before it brightens again the following day.

North Cape Midnight sun

You can experience adventure

Whether it’s watching humpback whales breaking the surface of the water, riding a sled pulled by huskies or taking a rail journey through Norway’s impressive mountains on the infamous Flåm railway, there is much adventure to be had on a Norway tour. Our Norway Northern Lights tour goes in search of the mystical aurora borealis. Seeing the magical shimmering green and violet hues that undulate in the inky black sky is the stuff of dreams. The optimum time to view them is during November to March, and travelling to the Arctic Circle will increase the chances of seeing this mesmerising spectacle.

Northern Lights

If you’ve been inspired to find out more about our Norway holidays, get in touch click here see all our Norway tours.

Article published on: 29th July, 2020



Ting has a serious case of wanderlust. Having travelled to over 40 countries, it’s her mission in life to make her way through her ever-growing list. Her two young sons have also caught the travel bug, and recent trips have seen them making snow angels in Iceland while watching the Northern Lights, as well as walking alongside elephants in South Africa.

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