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Travelling the USA is a behemoth task. In the third biggest country in the world, each of its 52 star-spangled states offer such diversity across their cities, landscapes and cultural heritage - there is no such thing as a typical American or indeed a typical American region.

From iconic global brands such as Coca-Cola and Levis, to world-famous landmarks The White House and the Hollywood sign, even if you’ve never been to the USA, you’ve already had a taste of Americana. And while the USA’s vast size means it would be impossible to experience it all, there is certainly scope to have a big slice of American pie… After all, with our USA tour holidays, there’s always another chance to see more…

The great American experience encompasses so many elements - from giant sequoia forests and sun-bleached beaches, to trend-setting cities to small town charm. With miles and miles of open highway, leading to epic snow-capped mountains, swampy marshland and the brilliant green open fields of Bluegrass Country, there is much to explore. The rich variety of history so embedded in each US destination will confound, as will the endless choice of amazingly good food, music and arts.

Food, glorious food

The food is where it’s at. The melting pot of different cultures and traditions come together in the unique dishes that you can eat all across the land. It is the food that really celebrates the multicultural diversity of America. From a toasted hot bagel slathered in cream cheese from a deli in New York, to thick unctuous sticky BBQ ribs from Texas. Lobster and clams from Maine are a must, while spicy tacos served from taquerias in LA are simply the best. Whatever your tastes - a USA tour wouldn’t be complete without diving right in and enjoying a feast, every single day. Just remember to bring those elasticated waistbands.

Lobster dish

Noteworthy sounds

America’s music is so intertwined with the diversity of America - it forms the very basis of its cultural identity. Sounds that have stood eons of time - from grass-roots blues, jazz, country and western, Motown and rock and roll, America’s significant contributions to the arts cannot be underestimated. Be swept along by the party atmosphere in New Orlean’s French Quarter or feel inspired in Austin, Texas - the Live Capital Music of the World. Whether it’s New York, Tennessee or Chicago, uncovering America’s musical innovations will give you a deeper insight to what makes this great country tick.

Saxophone silhouette

Natural wonders

America is a diverse land of natural phenomenon and bewitching beauty. The mesmerising landscapes of the US National Parks including Yosemite, Zion and the Grand Canyon will have you standing in awe. No two places are the same. You might be looking at the rolling hills and plains of Kansas, the rugged wilderness of Alaska, the parched red deserts of the South West, thundering waves in Hawaii or the balmy prairie-like grasslands of Savannah. Cruise down the Mississippi, drive through the picture-perfect towns of New England or feel the sun’s rays in the Florida’s balmy Everglades. America’s stunning scenery will inspire.

Grand Canyon

Fantastic cities

The bright lights of USA’s cities each have their own interminable qualities. New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and LA - each of these metropolises are brimming with spirit but yet so different in their own unique ways. However, it’s not just the most popular cities that should hog the limelight. The nostalgic charms of Charleston and the draping shade of mossy trees in Savannah, to the dreamy seascapes of Honolulu and the impressive architecture of Chicago’s skyline, should be on your wish list, too.

New York skyline

Captivating history

Since the very first settlers and colonists landed, America has been shaped through the diversity of all those who have made their home there. From the American Revolution and the Great Depression to the Civil Rights Movement, these significant events have impacted American society, food and popular culture. Our USA escorted tours, will take you through historical cities and towns, including Boston and Washington DC, to better understand the intricacies of this fascinating country.

Boston Freedom Trail

Feeling inspired? Find your perfect holiday to the USA with us. We have North American tours that will cover all the above and much more.

Article published on: 3rd February, 2020



Ting has a serious case of wanderlust. Having travelled to over 40 countries, it’s her mission in life to make her way through her ever-growing list. Her two young sons have also caught the travel bug, and recent trips have seen them making snow angels in Iceland while watching the Northern Lights, as well as walking alongside elephants in South Africa.

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