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When Jean started her role as one of our friendly and welcoming airport representatives, it was the perfect, temporary solution to working around the school run while her children were young.

Jean is now our airport representative supervisor and looks after a team of 40 reps across the country. They’re the smiling faces you’ll see when you arrive at the airport at either end of your holiday, and they work in tandem with our VIP chauffeurs and tour managers to ensure a completely seamless airport experience.

We sat down with Jean to chat about her time at Titan and why our team of airport representatives offer so much more than just a warm welcome…


Do you get the impression our customers really appreciate your presence at the airport?

Yes, definitely. I’ve been told many times that it takes all the stress out of going on holiday and it’s very reassuring to know we’re there to handle any unforeseen problems that might arise. We’re also there to help guide them through check-in, which isn’t always clear, and to meet them on their return – no matter what time they land – to make sure they find their VIP driver.

What is the best part of being an airport representative?

It is always wonderful to meet customers who are returning from their trip and they simply can’t wait to tell me what a marvellous time they’ve had. They’re often reluctant to leave as they’re all hugging and kissing each other goodbye and already making plans for the next trip. It’s lovely to see the friendships that have formed while they’ve been away.

Also, I especially love working around Christmas time when everyone is even more excited and there’s a lovely atmosphere at the airport. I had a photo taken with The Snowman last year!

What is it like meeting so many different people every day?

You definitely have to be a people person – and I love meeting people, especially our regular customers. It becomes like seeing friends off on holiday. In fact, I always remember one gentleman in particular who has been on holiday with Titan 75 times. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him on many occasions, and now if I’m not on duty when he travels he always requests to speak to me on the phone to wish him a ‘happy holiday’!

How do you prepare yourself for work each day?

I like to make sure I research the tour beforehand, just in case customers have any questions, so I can be prepared with all the answers. I also have my trusted ‘emergency kit’, which includes a few essentials that have come into use over the years. One time, a lady arrived looking a bit upset. When I spoke to her, she was very irritated that a button had come off her jacket. Out came the sewing kit and I said, “no trouble at all – give me your jacket and I’ll sew it back on while you check in.” She couldn’t believe it!

What’s the first thing you do when meeting our customers?

Smile! It relaxes them.

Who do you consider to be a typical Titan traveller?

Titan customers are passionate about travel and have a keen sense of adventure. They’ve usually already travelled extensively and previously made all their own arrangements, but now enjoy the pleasure of the holiday without all the hassle. And why shouldn’t they – the Queen doesn’t have the hassle of making her own travel arrangements, after all!

Why would you recommend escorted touring?

Escorted touring allows you to sit back and be completely in the moment, without all the preparation beforehand or worry about where you’re going next and how you’re going to get there.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and share those experiences with each other. I’ve seen so many friendships blossom over the years and one that always sticks is a retired headmistress and a young man in his thirties. They really enjoyed each other’s company and continued to go on Titan tours together for many years. They lived in different parts of the country so never met up apart from going on their Titan holidays together. Unfortunately she is no longer able to travel, but he continues to travel with us and then visits her on his return to show her the photos and videos.


Jean and the rest of our airport meet-and-greet service are just one part of our renowned VIP door-to-door travel service.

Article published on: 17th October, 2018



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