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16 October, 20203 minute read

A moment of reflection: experience more in 2021

The recent months have been difficult on us all; long periods of separation from loved ones; birthdays celebrated on video call; much-anticipated holidays postponed. But one thing we have been afforded more of is time. We’ve had a surplus of time to reflect and reminisce – and we’ve been elated that so many of our travellers have chosen to spend that time sharing their favourite holiday moments with us.

It seems we’ve awoken from a world where it was all too easy to take things for granted and we’ve realised what’s truly important to us. The prospect of not being able to travel has made many rethink their plans, reorganise their wishlist and think about where they really want to travel to – and what they want to gain from their adventures.

Research suggests than 50% of people are still hoping to travel before the end of the year, so there’s still a hunger for world travel – but perhaps in a more meaningful sense than before. Of our customers who have already rebooked for next year, it is our tours bolstered with the most culturally-enriching experiences that seem to be most popular; America’s Deep South, the starkly beautiful landscapes of Namibia, a wildlife extravaganza in Borneo.

If you’ve found yourself reflecting on what you want from your future travel experiences, we’ve rounded up some ways in which escorted touring can help you experience more than ever before in 2021.

An expert at every step 

It’s no secret that escorted touring is a really enriching way to travel. To start with, each of our itineraries have been designed by our destination specialists. They really know all the highlights and hidden gems, so you can be confident you’re getting a well-rounded experience.

Plus, on our tours you’ll be accompanied by an experienced tour manager every step of the way. They not only add an extra layer of security while you’re away, but they’re also there to enhance your experience as much as possible. Our tour managers have been on our tours time and time again – and there’s nothing like first-hand guidance when you’re visiting somewhere for the first time. Their presence means you won’t miss a thing; from a favourite local dish to a particularly amazing view, they’ll ensure you get the most out of your experience.

I love the US and I’ve visited New York many times over the years – both personally and as a tour manager. I’ve picked up a couple of tips and tricks along the way, including a secret spot at ‘Top of the Rock’ that as an amazing view of the city. I take customers there for a photo and it’s great because other members of the public don’t realise this angle or shot is even possible. Customers would be hard-pressed to find it without being shown” – Marcus, Tour Manager.

If you’re not ready to dive head first into the world of travel, that’s ok. You can tentatively dip your toes in and start off slow on one of our small group tours. This collection of holidays is limited to smaller group numbers (just 12-24 people) but that doesn’t mean you’ll compromise on experience. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; these tours will bring you closer to the culture and the people of the destination you’re visiting for an even more enriching experience.

Imagine seeking out the fabled ring-tailed lemur in the depths of the Madagascan jungle. These are the kind of experiences that just aren’t possible as part of a larger group.

It also means we can organise some really unique overnight stays, too. You could find yourself gazing up at a star-filled sky from a desert camp in Morocco, laughing around the campfire with new found friends at an intimate safari lodge.

You’ll go home with much more than just a memory card full of photos; you’ll have a heart full of meaningful travel memories to treasure.

Travel less, learn more 

Travelling to lots of different areas of a country in one single trip undoubtedly has an element of adventure about it, but there’s a lot to be said about a one-stop holiday, too. Our selection of stay-and-explore tours mean you’ll stay in one single hotel and really get under the skin of one region, rather than taking on the whole country. Or gulp back the fresh mountain air of the unspoilt Bernese Oberland region in Switzerland. They’re more relaxing but they also mean you’ll go home with a much more thorough understanding of the region you visited, its history, local specialities and nuances. 

If you’re the type who loves moving around, but hesitant about staying in lots of different hotels and areas, a river cruise offers a brilliant in-between option. On a river cruise, you’ll have your dedicated cabin throughout the journey; no need to change accommodation or unpack and repack. But you’ll still be wowed by magnificent riverscapes and visit some wishlist-worthy towns and cities. Plus, you’re more in control of how much time you spend as part of the group and how much you’d like to explore independently. Your holiday can be exactly what you want to make it – and your cruise director and tour manager will be on hand for extra support if you need it.

Image of blog author Natalie Carmen

From the coffee-clad highlands of Colombia to getting up-close-and-personal with elephants in Thailand and the exploring the sprawling winelands of South Africa, Natalie is a wannabe-adventurer and finds it hard to pick favourites when it comes to travel destinations. She has a weakness for wildlife and good wine, so her escapades are usually in pursuit of one or the other. As well as writing for The Scenic Route, Natalie also manages our social media channels. Be sure to follow Titan on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news.

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