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It’s a wild world

The fascination with the world of wildlife has inspired holidaymakers for decades. Whatever it is that’s sparked your interest – a childhood dream, a magazine article, an episode of BBC Earth’s ‘Dynasties’ – we can show you some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife.

Our Walk on the Wild Side guide showcases the incredible wildlife encounters you could have, from getting up close and personal to Uganda’s mountain gorillas, to watching killer whales cruise the waters of Alaska. Each section features mini-guides or personal stories from our travel experts, as well as all the details of the expertly designed tours where you can experience these encounters for yourself.

I just wanted to congratulate you on this lovely brochure we received this week. We’ve been on two safari holidays with Titan and are doing the Best of South Africa trip in October. The photographs are wonderful and it’s all very informative. We will definitely keep it. - Janice

Image for the African safari
Image for Asian encounters
image for up close and personal
image for extraordinary oceans
image for unique places
image for winged wonders

Choose one of the above sections to narrow down your wildlife holiday search. The African Safari details classic ‘Big Five’ safari itineraries and holidays including safari elements. Join us on one of these holidays and you could be searching for lions in South Africa, elephants and painted dogs in Botswana or giraffes in Kenya. Asian Encounters includes information about tiger reserves in India and orang-utan sanctuaries in Borneo, while Up Close and Personal does what it says on the tin, focusing on holidays that allow you to get eye-to-eye with chimpanzees and gorillas in Uganda and bears in North America.

Look to Extraordinary Oceans for holidays where you can dive beneath the surface to discover colourful corals teeming with marine life, or try Winged Wonders for trips to renowned birdwatching areas like Costa Rica. Finally, there’s Unique Places. It highlights once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experiences, including seeing emperor penguins in Antarctica and swimming lizards in the Galapagos Islands.