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Silk Road Adventures

The Silk Road. The name alone evokes romantic images of caravans travelling across great deserts and plains, and bustling bazaars filled with exotic wares from the East.

For hundreds of years, traders would make the journey across Asia, bringing silks and spices, perfumes and paper, gold and gems. Goods aside, the route also helped different cultures and ideologies to evolve. Religion, philosophy, language… all were carried along these routes by merchants, monks, soldiers and explorers.

“It never ceases to amaze me how far reaching the Silk Route is. Whether it’s by the shores of Chinese seas or whilst weaving through the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, local experts always make reference to it. For me, I enjoy standing in these historical spots envisaging the sights, sounds and smells of the bustling markets and souks, where people from all walks of life and regions intermingled in order to make a trade.” - Phil Ellis, Product Manager

Have your own Silk Road adventure

The ancient routes which make up the Silk Road (also known as the Silk Route) are lined with fascinating places to explore. We feel that the best way to experience it is in smaller chunks, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in a particular destination or region. Tour the desert trading cities of Uzbekistan, uncover the Silk Route heritage of Georgia, or perhaps spend time in Xi’an - the Chinese city which marked the start (or end) of the route. Closer to home, try Venice. Once a great trading port, it was also the home of the Silk Road’s most famous explorer: Marco Polo.

Our favourite destinations along the Silk Road


Venice and Rome were both key trading points on the Silk Route - and they’re still drawing countless travellers today. Explore them on a wider tour of Italy or one of our Stay and Explore holidays. Rome and Sorrento are a classic pairing, while Venice goes well with Lake Garda.


One of our newest tours includes time in beautifully unspoilt Georgia. Right on the Europe-Asia border, it was often a stop-off for Silk Road merchants en route to Constantinople. After five days exploring neighbouring Armenia, we cross into Georgia to discover mountain towns, wine regions and a fascinating capital city.


Uzbekistan’s cities acted as crossroads for Silk Road travellers journeying across the Kyzylkum Desert. On our Uzbekistan escorted tour, you’ll follow in the ancient traders’ footsteps, exploring the narrow alleys, bazaars and mosques of Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and more.


Chang’an was the terminus of the Silk Road. This bustling ancient city was China’s capital during the Han dynasty, and was a political and cultural centrepoint. Today, we know it as Xi’an - and it’s one of China’s most popular cities. We stop by for two nights on all of our tours of China. It gives us the chance to explore the city, as well as spending ample time admiring the famous Terracotta Warriors.