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Nature and Wildlife Tour Holidays

Imagine watching the sun rise over the Serengeti as you head off on safari, seeking out the ‘big five,’ passing giraffes grazing acacia trees, herds of zebras, powder-pink flamingos, and there, in the distance, your first sighting of a pride of wild lions. Feel the crisp Arctic air on your face as you swish across the Canadian tundra on a huskie-drawn sled and experience the thrill of encountering polar bears in their natural habitat. A flash of iridescent plumage, unfamiliar bird calls across the treetops and a host of colourful tropical blooms invite you to explore the rainforests and jungles of Costa Rica, while half a world away in India, the roar of the tiger can still be heard in the land by those who know where to look. Join Titan on one of our unforgettable nature holidays and discover the wonderful wildlife of our world for yourself.

Africa is the ultimate destination for those who long to get close to nature, and setting out on a safari to see the ‘big five’ – elephants, rhinoceroses, leopards, lions and buffalos – is one of the most exciting and rewarding of world travel experiences. On Titan’s 10-day Wild Plains of Tanzania you will explore Serengeti National Park, where, in addition to the ‘big five,’ there’s also a good chance of spotting hyenas, antelopes, cheetahs and hundreds of different bird species, while our Grand Safari Kenya itinerary will take you to the Masai Mara and the Great Rift Valley, a region of outstanding natural beauty, home to a rich variety of wildlife.

Experience the natural wonders of Ranthambore National Park on our 10-day tour to India’s Golden Triangle, one of the best places to see majestic Bengal tigers, as well as many other native species including macaques, leopards, sloth bears and hornbills, while you’ll see elephants, water buffalos, crocodiles and, if you’re lucky, the elusive Sri Lankan leopard, on Titan’s 12-day The Best of Sri Lanka itinerary. Alternatively, our 14-day Natural Wonders of Costa Rica tour will introduce you to ‘New World’ flora and fauna, lush jungles and cloud forests inhabited by howler monkeys, macaws, toucans, tapirs and jaguars.