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Introducing our Yangtze River Cruises

The Yangtze River is easily China's most spectacular natural wonder. Sprawling, deep and majestic, the Yangtze runs from the forested mountains and gorges of central China - to the country's eastern coast where, for centuries, Shanghai has drawn trade merchants from across the world. Today, visitors to China have the opportunity to cruise the Yangtze at leisure, absorbing its breathtaking beauty from the comfort of luxury cabins - or disembarking to explore the highlights of this world-renowned waterway up close.

River cruise along the Yangtze with Titan take place onboard extravagant, specially-designed river cruise vessels complete with beautifully furnished cabins and suites, each with a private balcony. While passengers may also choose to watch the scenery glide by from their ship's panoramic observation deck, cruises stop regularly along the Yangtze's route, presenting opportunities for closer explorations of this unique environment.

Yangtze River