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Rhine River Cruises

If you are searching for a European holiday this year, the river Rhine, stretching from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea, promises travellers an unforgettable journey. The Rhine has long been important to Europe: viewed by the Roman Empire as the edge of the civilised world, the river acted as a natural barrier between the region's Celtic and Germanic tribes. Today, Titan offers our modern travellers the opportunity to experience this fascinating area of Europe from the comfort of one of our luxury cruise ships.

The Rhine begins in the Swiss canton of Grisons, raging through steep mountain gorges before slowing to become the tranquil river of classic literature and legend. The Rhine's dramatic, mythic past is well known in the countries it travels through: the water nymph Lorelei is thought live beneath its surface, while the great German knight, Siegfried, is purported to have slain a dragon on the river's shore. For centuries, the waters of the Rhine served the communities that grew around it, feeding settlements, vineyards and farms and acting as a vital trade route connecting nations.

A Titan Rhine river cruise lets you experience the cultural significance and natural beauty of one of Europe's most important waterways at your leisure. As you relax on deck or in your stateroom, you will watch hundreds of miles of European landscape glide by - from peaceful countryside unchanged for centuries, to busy urban centres, bursting with activity.

The Rhine's historic importance is revealed, almost immediately, in the procession of castles, religious buildings and other medieval structures standing on its banks. Our Rhine cruises, like the Castles along the Rhine, let passengers explore these ancient attractions - and each is a chance to gaze back in time to a period of glorious European history. Amongst many captivating cruise excursions, our trips include the imposing Fortress Ehrenbreitstein at Koblenz, the gothic, 18th century Würzburg Rezidenz, the huge Romanesque cathedral at Speyer and the medieval town of Breisach, historic gateway to the Black Forest.

Beyond the castles and structures arrayed along its banks, Rhine river cruises showcase Europe's natural beauty - from the colourful floral landscapes of the Netherlands to the green, forested hills of Germany.  One of the most important aspects of the river's heritage is its wine-making tradition and we never hesitate to give passengers opportunities to sample its results. Rüdesheim, in Germany, is one of the most picturesque wine producing towns in the entire Rhine Valley but many settlements scattered across the region contribute their own unique tastes - including Würzburg's famous estate and Breisach's wine villages. Both this stunning natural beauty and viticulture are features of many of our cruises, in the spring try Springtime Tulips and the Rhine or our Grand Voyage across Europe in the summer.

The Rhine's journey towards the sea takes in a host of famous European urban centres. In Germany, Titan Travel's cruises stop at Cologne, with its captivating skyline of modern skyscrapers and gothic spires; in Switzerland the historic medieval market city of Basel and the 2000 year-old city of Koblenz, where visitors disembark to explore the myths surrounding the legendary Lorelei Rock. Our cruises visit many of the Netherlands' most famous cities, including bustling Amsterdam and the modern port city of Rotterdam. In France, Strasbourg, location of the European Parliament, the first city centre to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a network of canals, represents the Gallic section of the river's route beautifully.

No mention of the Rhine, however, could be complete without talking about Christmas. From around mid-November, the towns and cities along the Rhine’s banks light up with their festivities. Snow-capped roofs, wooden market stalls and the smell of cinnamon and glühwein – the Christmas markets along the Rhine are the stuff of dreams and fairytales, a festive pleasure not to be missed.

A Rhine cruise with Titan Travel means superb, high quality service at every stage of your journey. Our VIP home departure service, including airport chauffeur and private waiting lounge, sets the standard of excellence from the moment you leave home. On the cruise itself, passengers stay in luxurious staterooms and suites, dine on gourmet food in the onboard restaurant and watch the passing scenery from the vantage of the ship's bar or sun deck. If you need extra information or assistance during any part of your cruise, look no further than your Titan Travel tour manager, on hand 24 hours a day to handle any requests or inquiries - and ensure your Rhine cruise runs smoothly.