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Portugal River Cruises

One of the most relaxing and memorable ways of traveling through Portugal is to take a tranquil and stately cruise down the magnificent river Douro. Meandering its way from its source at Duruelo de la Sierra to its estuary at Porto, the river Douro is one of the most beautiful rivers in Portugal.  

The dramatic landscape that the River Douro flows through is some of the most beautiful in Portugal, and a river cruise means that you‘ll be able to soak up the spectacular surroundings in style as you cruise the placid waterways. 
Flanked by steep sided terraced vineyards that seem to rise straight out the river itself it’s easy to see why the river Douro has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status. 

More and more people are seeing river cruises as a relaxing alternative to the hectic pace of air and road travel, and a river cruise in Portugal truly allows you to experience the best of the region at a tranquil pace.  River cruises in Portugal allow you to experience the traditions, delicacies and renowned hospitality of the local people whilst seeing the sights at pace that is more relaxed than the typical whistle-stop tour. In fact, cruising in Portugal is a far cry from the constant hustle and bustle of many organised road tours. Relaxing afternoons spent lounging on deck with a glass of ‘vinho verde’ in hand whilst the very vineyards that produced the wine idle by create one of the most serene modes of transport imaginable.

The wines in this region have been famous since the rule of the Roman Empire and the river Douro has long been the gateway to the north of Portugal and its prized terraced vineyards.  As you move into the Cima Corgo, region of the Douro river valley, you’ll see the beautiful quintas of the more established wine dynasties popping up in their well-kept estates bearing famous names in vintner’s circles. 

This region of northern Portugal really lends itself to exploration by river, as your wind your way steadily upstream you’ll pass through beautiful towns, like Lamego and terraced Pinhão. There really is no more relaxing and practical way to see these otherwise hidden gems. These trips are designed to foster a spirit of adventurous exploration, whilst retaining the essence of luxury, investigate the myriad sights, tastes and architecture of the region without ever leaving your lavish accommodation behind.

With Titan you can be sure that your river cruise will transport you in complete comfort and relaxation on ships and barges that have been designed with your perfect cruise in mind, from the moment you cast off to the moment you return home. Luxurious rooms, gourmet meals in splendid restaurants and immaculate service, as well as spectacular destinations are what make every second of a Titan river cruise that bit more memorable. Take a look at our river cruises in Portugal and plan your next memorable holiday.