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European River Cruises

One of the most memorable ways to experience the grandeur of Europe is by setting sail on the great rivers which stretch across its length and breadth. Over the centuries, famous waterways like the Danube river, the Rhine and the Douro, played a vital part in connecting the continent’s diverse countries, cultures and people - today, they allow visitors from all over the world to experience those same environments in the comfort and luxury of a Titan Travel river cruise.

Our river cruises in Europe cover a huge range of environments, from the temperate waterways of Germany and France, to the sunny vistas of Spain and Portugal. Whether winding past sleepy fishing villages or navigating a sprawling capital city, river cruising with Titan gives you the opportunity to see Europe’s greatest destinations from a fresh, exciting perspective.

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More and more people are choosing a river cruise as a way to make their holiday special. The hectic pace of road and air travel is a far cry from afternoons spent relaxing on the deck of one of our luxury cruise ships, watching beautiful scenery glide by. Our cruises are designed to create a spirit of adventure - with stops at exciting destinations encouraging passengers to explore new places every day.

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European river cruises reach every corner of the continent. Almost every country hosts some section of a famous river, meaning our passengers enjoy a wide variety of exciting river journeys. In Western Europe, the Rhone, the Saône, the Moselle and the Seine stretch across France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, while in southern Europe, Italy's Po river trails through the Cottian Alps on its way to the Adriatic. Eastern Europe's Elbe river showcases the Czech Republic, while further east still, the Neva and the Volga, the longest river in Europe, offer breathtaking trips across Russia.

With Titan, your trip takes place in complete comfort - on ships and barges built to deliver excellence from the very moment you leave your home, until your return. Luxury staterooms, gourmet meals in stately restaurants and five star services make every second onboard a Titan cruise memorable.

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