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Introducing the Trans-Siberian Railway...

In 1916 the Trans-Siberian railway became the world’s longest continuous railway. The Russian Tsar’s Gold Private Train is equipped with many modern facilities while capturing the essence of this classic route. The restaurant cars serve both traditional Russian and international cuisine, and double as a bar and lounge for sociable evenings onboard. The private cabins share toilet facilities placed at the end of each carriage, while shower facilities are shared between two carriages. Alternatively, upgrade to Bolshoi cabins for superior décor and en suite facilities. The Chinese Sleeper train offers basic facilities, restaurant cars and shared wash rooms (no showers).

The Trans-Siberian Railway


Rail and Tour

Rail and Tour

  • 5 nights in hotels, 9 nights on trains and 1 in flight
  • 41 meals included
  • 20 included excursions and visits
  • Titan’s VIP door-to-door travel service
  • Departing London Heathrow Airport
  • Date Multiple departures
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£6,299 per person

2 16 days