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Holidays on Canadian Rail

Evoking the pioneer spirit of the past, rail tours are thrilling opportunities to see the best of Canada. From the metropolitan cities and forested landscapes of the east, to the dramatic mountain ranges and rugged vistas of the west, train journeys showcase Canada's vast beauty and captivating cultures free from the pressures of road or air travel.

Our range of rail tours stretch across Canada, stopping at some of the country's greatest landmarks. With over 25 years' professional experience in North America, rail tours from Titan deliver unforgettable adventures to hundreds of visitors each year, incorporating knowledgeable guides, luxury onboard dining and an array of unique perspectives on a spectrum of thrilling environments.

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Canadian Rail with Titan

One of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in the world, the Rockies are an ideal environment to discover by rail. As the backbone of North America, the Rockies run up from the United States through the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Beyond the mountains themselves, our rail tours showcase the highlights of the Canadian Rockies - from idyllic settlements like Banff and Jasper, to epic natural wonders, like the Columbia Icefield and the Athabasca Glacier. The Rockies burst with life at almost every time of the year and, as you travel past frozen lakes and sprawling forests, do not be surprised to spot black bears, deer or even the odd wolf peering through the trees and rock formations either side of the track.

A particularly special way to experience the Canadian Rockies is onboard the Rocky Mountaineer: a dedicated rail journey through every scenic highlight of Alberta and British Columbia. Rocky Mountaineer tours visit the national parks of Banff and Jasper and natural attractions like Maligne Canyon, the Albreda Icefields and the Cascade Mountains. Your time onboard the Rocky Mountaineer is never less than extravagant, with plush seats, specially prepared meals - and a talented tour guide to impart information every step of the way. Rocky Mountaineer journeys across Alberta and British Columbia take place during the day to ensure passengers receive the best possible views - and include stops and accommodation at settlements across the Rockies.

Here at Titan, our rail tours are explorations of Canada's most memorable environments but can easily be incorporated into wider adventures on cruises up and down the Pacific coast. Cruises leave from the bustling port city of Vancouver before heading into the Inside Passage towards Alaska. Our cruises take passengers to idyllic coastal settlements, like Skagway and Ketchikan, historic cultural attractions - and tracts of unspoilt wilderness, including the epic Sawyer Glacier. Beyond the rugged beauty of the west, rail tours with Titan let visitors make longer journeys across the breadth of Canada. Our flagship tour – the Trans-Canadian Rail Odyssey, begins in Toronto, Ontario, a vibrant cultural centre situated right on the shores of Lake Ontario, where the awesome Niagara Falls is only a short trip away. After a stop in Niagara, the tours travel through the rural landscapes of Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan before moving into the national parks of Alberta and the imposing Rocky Mountains. Leaving Alberta, the tour heads into British Columbia, visiting the isolated mountain settlement of Kamloops, before reaching the west coast and the city of Vancouver.

Canada is a country meant to be explored and our rail tours across evoke the thrilling frontier spirit of the country's past. To make every day memorable, we go that little bit further with a range of scheduled flights to Canada, a VIP Home Departure Service to the airport and dedicated Tour Managers on hand at all times to offer travellers advice and information.

Your Canadian adventure is closer than you think - all you have to is sit back and enjoy the ride.