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Holidays in Jordan

The extraordinary historical and natural attractions to witness in the desert kingdom of beautiful Jordan will wow even the most seasoned travellers – in what other country can you enjoy colonnaded Roman streets, scale dramatic Crusader fortresses, or stand and enjoy the view from where Moses was believed to have surveyed the Promised Land.
History is juxtaposed with nature, as you experience the buoyancy of the Dead Sea. Staying in the 'old' world, view what only a few have had the chance to see, the ancient city of Petra, which lay beneath the desert sands for centuries and was only rediscovered in 1812.
Book an escorted tour with Titan Travel and you’ll enjoy handpicked, with carefully selected excursions and an experienced Titan tour manager and local guide to ensure everything on your holiday runs smoothly. Jordan is an experience that will give you a refreshing insight into the times of old.