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Israel Tour Holidays

The Holy Land scarcely needs an introduction. The gleaming domes and stones of Jerusalem, the Biblical and historical sites, and the bizarrely wonderful Dead Sea, are so familiar to us, yet they are relatively little visited. Don't miss another opportunity to experience this uniquely enthralling destination. 

‘Unique’ is a word often over-used by travel companies, but it holds spectacularly true for Israel - there really is nowhere else quite like it. Its collection of Biblical sites is peerless and extraordinary. Its religious significance to three of the world’s great faiths and four billion people is unmatched. Its wonders, such as the Dead Sea, have no equivalent elsewhere. It is, by turns, fascinating, breathtaking, poignant and inspiring.

If Israel features on your ‘must see’ list of travel destinations, consider Titan’s Israel - Discover the Promised Land. It includes all of the undoubted highlights in a comprehensive yet keenly-priced 8-day itinerary, brought to life by expert local guides. Follow in the footsteps of Christ in Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Capernaum and Galilee. Learn the story of the heroic, ill-fated ‘last stand’ at Masada. Visit historical monuments from the enthralling Roman-era Herodian Mansions to sobering Yad Vashem, memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. Join us in appreciation of a remarkable country.

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