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Malta Tour Holidays

Merhba - or welcome - to Malta, the island of enchantment. Echoes of a long and glorious history abound in this sun-soaked Mediterranean gem, from the medieval walled city of Mdina to the splendid capital city, Valletta, built by the Knights of St John both as a fortress and a spectacular architectural celebration of their defeat of the besieging Ottoman Turks in 1565. In picturesque old fishing harbours bob vibrantly decorated boats, ‘protected’ from evil spirits by eyes painted on the bow as they have been for more than two millennia.

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Situated in the southern Mediterranean, less than 100 km south of Sicily, Malta is a small archipelago comprising three islands. Throughout the country's long history, it has been home to Sicani, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans and Byzantines and it was both a French and British colony.The country gained independence in 1964 and today it is a popular destination for sun worshippers, as well as holidaymakers seeking unusual getaways full of history, culture and natural beauty.

If you're thinking about holidays to Malta, look no further than the fabulous range of options offered by Titan.We take great pride in providing high-quality breaks featuring interesting tours, amazing accommodation and superb transportation. All of our suppliers are carefully handpicked to ensure you enjoy first-class service throughout your journey.

In addition, our itineraries include plenty of free time for you to get out and explore on your own - whether there's a specific museum you wish to visit, a walking route you'd like to explore or a restaurant you're keen to try.

Although it's less than a square kilometre in size, Malta's walled capital squeezes a lot into its compact space.Indeed, Valletta offers plenty to keep visitors on touring holidays to Malta occupied. Wander the narrow streets to see bustling shops and markets, historic buildings and vibrant squares with fountains, gardens and monuments.

Top attractions include St John's Cathedral, which was completed in 1578 as the headquarters for the Order of the Knights Hospitaller. Its lavish interior features beautiful paintings, sculptures and woodwork, as well as ornate tiling and sweeping arched ceilings.

If you travel south-east from Valletta, you'll find the remains of the Tarxien Temples. This complex of four megalithic structures was built around 3000 BC and provides a glimpse into what Bronze Age life was like on the islands.

Across the island from Valletta, those on holidays to Malta will find Mdina, a medieval hilltop town and settlement that has been inhabited since 700 BC.

Today, this walled city is a delight to visit, especially for those with an interest in historic architecture. The Vilhena Palace, for example, is an exquisite structure dating from around 1730 and it is now home to the Museum of Natural History.

There's also the stunning St Paul's Cathedral, Palazzo Falzon and Mdina Gate. Just outside of Mdina, you'll also find the pretty Buskett Gardens, or why not take some time to explore the Dingli Cliffs?

This small island located to the north of the main Maltese island is a rural location, full of stunning coastlines, unspoilt countryside and quaint villages.

With its sapphire blue water, Gozo is a favourite destination for scuba diving and snorkelling, while the impressive natural stone arch is a popular attraction. Alternatively, you could simply find a tranquil, secluded beach and soak up some sunshine.

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If you're planning on going on holidays to Malta, why not combine your trip with a voyage around the Mediterranean? Titan's range of no-fly cruises is a popular choice, as these trips offer a hassle-free way to explore the region. Since they depart from UK ports like Dover or Southampton, your relaxing journey will begin before you ever leave Great Britain.As well as exploring Malta during your ocean cruise, you'll also be able to explore other fabulous destinations around the Mediterranean, including Gibraltar, Cartagena, Palma and Syracuse.

These holidays to Europe may also continue through the Aegean Sea, stopping at ports of call like Piraes for Athens, Santorini and Kusadasi. Meanwhile, some will go as far as the Black Sea, taking sightseers to places like Istanbul, Odessa and Yalta.