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Germany Tours & Holidays

At the heart of Europe, Germany offers so many wonderful holiday opportunities. Take a relaxing cruise along the legendary River Rhine, lined with picturesque vineyards and pretty medieval towns, or, for something a little different, head further east and discover the delights of the River Elbe as it flows through the historic cities of Dresden, Wittenberg and Magdeburg. Germany’s energetic capital, Berlin, is one of the continent’s most exciting cities, home to superb collection of museums, art galleries and famous landmarks such as the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, while cities from Hamburg to Nuremberg continue to entrance visitors from around the world.

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Titan's trips to Germany take place throughout the year through, in a range of luxury river cruises, coach tours and speciality holidays focusing on the city of Berlin - and, in winter, the country's various Christmas markets. Our dedicated coach tour, Germany's Imperial Cities and Palaces, is a historical odyssey, taking in the Medieval cobbled streets of Würzburg, the Baroque charms of Dresden and the extravagant style of Berlin. 

On our river cruises, Titan passengers explore the delights of Germany's storied rivers and waterways which include the Danube, the Elbe and the legendary Rhine. Springtime Colours of the Elbe, a cruise along the Elbe river, stops in Meissen, Wittenburg and, finally, Berlin, while, in western Germany, our Romantic Rhine and Majestic Moselle river cruise travels from Cologne to Cochem, and visits a procession of monuments and landmarks, including cathedrals, castles and lovingly-preserved city centres.

Our German tours evoke the unique character of the regions they visit. The historic appeal of western Germany is tied to the Rhine: a river crucial to the commercial life of its surrounding peoples - and the subject of centuries of European folklore. On trips along the Rhine, between cities like Koblenz, Speyer and Mainz, travellers discover vast forested landscapes scattered with castles and religious buildings - along with wide open fields holding vineyards which produce some of the finest wines in the world.

Germany's eastern cities are characterized by Gothic spires and indulgent Baroque architecture - and our tours through the region reflect this architectural tradition in Leipzig, Potsdam and Dresden. Badly damaged in the second world war, Dresden rebuilt itself in the late twentieth century, restoring its architectural splendours and drawing thousands of visitors to what was once considered the capital city of the Kingdom of Saxony. Following the Elbe river north, Titan cruise passengers embark on excursions to famous attractions including the 15th century Albrechtsburg Castle, the palaces of Lingner, Eckberg and Pillnitz and the famous World War II prison, Colditz Castle.

Many of our luxury road and river tours end in Berlin, where passengers discover a sprawling metropolitan city home to a wealth of modern and historical attractions. Berlin is a city full of energy and atmosphere - and, on almost every corner, the echoes of history mingle with signs of striking modernity. Beyond its glitzy skyline and stylish shopping locales, like Kufurstendamm and Tauentzienstrasse, tours of Berlin reveal the recent and not-so-recent past, including the stately Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building, the remains of the Berlin Wall and the notorious Checkpoint Charlie. Germany's cities and rural regions overflow with character and rich heritage - and our touring holidays aim to deliver unforgettable experiences in each of them. Your holiday begins on your doorstep - when our VIP Home Departure Service arrives to transfer you to the airport. Once you arrive and begin your coach tour or river cruise, dedicated Titan Tour Managers work tirelessly every step of the way to ensure your German holiday becomes an adventure to remember forever.