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Visit Jersey
19 April, 20244 minute read

Visit Jersey - Get your dose of vitamin sea

Picture-perfect coastal landscapes, charming harbours, and bustling ports. Rolling hills, medieval castles, and ancient artifacts. Locally sourced delicious food, laid-back vibes, and welcoming people... 

 All of this and more can be discovered just an hour away from the UK on the stunning island of Jersey. And, despite its small size, Jersey packs a punch when it comes to its range of experiences. Let's delve into what makes this island a hidden gem worth visiting and why our tour to Jersey should be at the top of your travel itinerary. 

Embracing nature's bounty

La Rocco Tower, St. Ouen's Bay, Jersey

Rugged cliffs, golden beaches, sparkling blue waters... one of the best ways to experience Jersey's great outdoors is by exploring its breathtaking coastline. Step into your trusty walking shoes and set off on one of the island's many coastal paths. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a challenging hike, you’ll feel your shoulders relax and worries melt away as you breathe in the salt-tinged air and listen to the soundtrack of waves crashing against the shore. Keep an eye out for wildlife, including playful seals and colourful seabirds. 

On our Jersey tour we’ll enjoy a guided excursion of Jersey Lavender Farm. Although the lavender fields may not be in bloom when we visit (they start to show their colour in late May and are harvested from late June to early August), we'll amble through the fields, breathing in the calming scent of lavender while soaking up the panoramic views of the of the surrounding countryside. We’ll learn about everything from how the farm started, to the filling and labelling of bottles.  

If a slower pace is more your style, why not spend the day exploring one of Jersey’s tranquil parks or gardens? Picture yourself enjoying a picnic surrounded by lush greenery at Howard Davis Park or getting lost in a wonderland of exotic plants and flowers at the Jersey Botanical Gardens. No matter where you go, you'll find plenty of opportunities to reconnect with nature and unwind.

Unravelling the past

Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey, Jersey

Jersey is like a cultural time machine, blending French flair with British wit and throwing in a dash of ancient dolmens and burial mounds for good measure. Imagine strolling through streets where knights once roamed and peasants traded gossip, all while dodging modern-day shoppers hunting for the perfect souvenir. 

Stroll through St. Helier's narrow streets, where medieval vibes collide with 21st-century hustle and bustle. Elizabeth Castle, a fortress that has witnessed centuries of history, sits proudly on a tidal island accessible by causeway. And don't miss out on Mont Orgueil Castle, a 13th-century gem that's like stepping into a history book (but with better views). 

For a deeper dive into Jersey's heritage, visit the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery. From prehistoric trinkets to WWII relics, this place is a treasure trove of tales. And then there’s the War Tunnels – constructed for defensive purposes during World War II by the German forces, who were occupying the Channel Islands at the time. They forced the people of Jersey and prisoners of war to build these underground passages. Today, it serves as a museum and memorial to the islands' wartime history – a reminder that even in the darkest times, Jersey knows how to keep its chin up.

It's a foodie’s paradise

Corbière Lighthouse, Jersey

With an abundance of fresh produce and locally sourced ingredients, Jersey is a food lover's paradise. Seafood fan? Choose from succulent lobster, sweet crab, plump oysters and juicy scallops, all local, of course. Visit one of the many seafood restaurants or local markets to savour the freshest catch of the day. And let's not forget about those famous Jersey Royals—grown in the island's nutrient-rich soil and bathed in ample sunshine, these small, flavourful potatoes pair perfectly with any meal. 

Wash it all down with a glass of locally brewed cider or ale. Whether you're cosying up in a pub or basking in the sunshine on an outdoor terrace, sipping on a crisp cider or hearty ale is the perfect way to soak in Jersey's easy-going atmosphere. End on a sweet note with Jersey's dairy products, such as cheeses, and yogurts, all locally sourced and crafted, and enjoy silky-smooth ice cream with views of the incredible Corbiere lighthouse.

Joie de vivre

L'Étacquerel Fort, Jersey

Join us on our escorted tour and get ready to discover the island's best bits while embracing its wonderfully laid back way of life! Our expert tour manager will lead the way as we uncover gems like the picturesque Bouley Bay and the fragrant Jersey Lavender Farm. We’ll also indulge in a delightful cream tea and wine tasting at a local vineyard. There’s also three and a half days of free time so you can do as much or as little as you please - hopefully the above has given you heaps of inspiration.

Experience the joie de vivre (joy of living) in Jersey and discover a small island with a big heart. 

Joanne_Johnston bio photo

Joanne’s jam-packed travel journal includes trekking through jungles in Borneo, hiking in national parks in Canada, and learning the art of Byrek-making (a traditional spinach and cheese pie) in Albania. When she's not travelling, she’s busy blogging about motherhood, reading to her adorable twin girls and dreaming up new adventures to take them on.

Joanne Johnston | About the author

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