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Our holidays to Canada are really the stuff dreams. From riding iconic trains to seeing diverse wildlife, an adventure in Canada will amaze and inspire. In the second largest country in the world where regions span six different time zones, its multi-cultural diversity is at its core. As is its stunning landscapes - a sublime mix of mountain, seas, fairytale forests and contemporary cities.

And one of those cities is Vancouver. Its dramatic scenery sees this vibrant metropolis lapped by the Pacific Ocean and overlooked by the imposing Mt Baker. Vancouver isn’t your average iron sprawl. This Canadian city is historically fascinating yet modern and cutting-edge, and caters for winter sports lovers in the colder months and beach fans in the summer. Our escorted tours to Canada take in the length and breadth of this incredible destination, and also gives you the chance to explore Vancouver at your own pace with plenty of leisure time. Here are some interesting and fun things to do in Vancouver in just a few days. 

Start the day in Gastown - Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood

Vancouver grew from humble beginnings as a frontier town in the latter half of the 19th century. The city’s strategically important position on the coast meant that it acted as a trade hub for centuries. Spend your morning touring Gastown to get a flavour of these earlier times. It’s home to Blood Alley, a place that has some chilling historical anecdotes attached to it, plus Vancouver’s famous Steam Clock, an ingenious contraption that has inspired others like it around the world.

Ride the Stanley Park train

Around 30 minutes’ walk from Gastown, Stanley Park adds to Vancouver’s scenic credentials with 1000 acres of trees, trails, beaches and wildlife on the edge of Vancouver Harbour. The park is also easily reached by public transport. If you are visiting in the summer months or around a special event including Easter, the Stanley Park Train Ride is a lovely opportunity to explore Vancouver on a miniature train. You’ll travel through the forest on a short 2km journey, enjoying the view - perfect if you are making a flying visit to the park.

Lunch at Granville Island

From Stanley Park, make your way to Vancouver’s atmospheric Granville Island, a leading centre for the arts and modern cuisine in the city. The public market here will keep foodies happy for hours, and it’s a great stop for lunch. From Canadian fish and chips to traditional homemade cheeses, you’ll find some interesting food and drink to sample. There are also plenty of cafes nearby should you fancy a brew.

Watch a Vancouver Canucks hockey game

Ice hockey is a wildly popular pastime in Canada and the Vancouver Canucks are the local NHL side.  If you are lucky enough to secure tickets to a game you'll be treated to an exhilarating evening. The Canucks enjoy passionate local support and the atmosphere is friendly. This fast-paced and physical game will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Dine at the Richmond Night Market

After a fun-filled day in Vancouver, there are plenty of entertaining ways to spend an evening. During the summer months, one of the local highlights is the Richmond Night Market, a vast collection of stalls that draws thousands of patrons every night. Fun, food and fantastic shopping are guaranteed. Sample everything from fresh seafood to rotato (deep fried potato on a stick).

We have several Canada holidays including our Titan Award winning tour Across Canada. Speak to one of our travel experts today for more information.

Article published on: 10th March, 2021

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