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Escorting touring is our speciality – through our expert holiday planners right through to our knowledgeable tour managers and local guides, we’ll take you to the exciting and worthwhile places to visit at each and every one of our carefully chosen destinations. And because we arrange everything for you, from the minute you leave your home, throughout your trip and on your return, we are there to make sure your holiday is perfect.

But we also know crowds can be overwhelming. Which is why our small group tours are a great choice for travellers who are looking for a more personal experience. You can enjoy some of our amazing itineraries across the world but with the maximum capacity of just 24 people. Small group travel offers a unique way to travel – from flexibility and more immersive encounters, to being able to visit places that just aren’t accessible to large crowds. In fact, our Product Manager Cassie Strickland sums it up perfectly when she explains:

“Travelling in a small group holidays is an ideal way to explore adventurous and off the beaten track destinations including Costa Rica and South Africa. It gives travellers the opportunity to become more immersed in local culture and traditions through meeting local people and also enjoy immersive excursions and activities that would just not be possible within a larger group. Small group tours work particularly well on our wildlife themed holidays where it is much easier to view wildlife in their natural habitat without disturbing them or their environment when there are less of you. They are also very sociable as it allows travellers to really get to know the others in their group and lifelong friendships can often be forged.”

Safari guide and tourists spotting Rhino

You’ll enjoy a richer experience 

Instead of just being part of the crowd, small group holidays allow for more connection, not only with your fellow travellers, but with the world around you. Rather than just visiting famous landmarks – which of course we do, too - our escorted tours will also offer richer, more immersive experiences from meeting local people in their homes and learning about their customs and traditions to having cooking demonstrations and visiting local producers. 

Head to more hidden gems

All our small group holidays come with the services of tour manager who will be hugely knowledgeable about your destination and are able to tell you fascinating tales about each and every place you visit. Some of whom are local themselves, including Carlos from Ecuador – who has a genuine passion for his country and loves showing our customers why he is so proud of his heritage. However, we also partner with expert local guides – who will give a unique insight into the culture and history of the areas we venture to and perhaps show you secret spots and hidden gems that are not available for larger groups, because it simply isn’t possible to travel to them in big vehicles or they are unable to accommodate crowds.

Guide showing tourists canals in Costa Rica

You’ll make friends more easily

While some travellers have big personalities and are at ease with mixing in large groups, we know there are also some who aren’t as comfortable in crowded settings. Because our small group tours can have anywhere between just 12-24 people, we think they are perfect for those who don’t want to feel overwhelmed. The one thing all our customers tell us is they love is the ‘family’ atmosphere of our escorted holidays and many of them meet lifelong friends.  We’ve even had a few romances! 
Small group tours offer the chance for everyone to mingle at their own pace and be able to get to know each other well over the course of the holiday without having to remember the names of a sea of different faces each morning. 

Group of friends

More interaction and less waiting around

With a small group, there is a much more intimate and engaging atmosphere. There is more time for questions to be answered by the tour manager and the local guides, more of a chance for customers to explore the different stops at each destination without feeling rushed. And when there are less people to manage, it means there is more time for exploring, adventure and fun. 

We have over 20  different small group tours so if you’d like to speak to one of our travel experts about our small group destinations then do get in touch. Or if you'd like to read through our small group tour brochure, then you can get it here.

Article published on: 2nd October, 2020

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