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10 July, 20233 minute read

How India has the power to change you

A trip to India is like no other. When I first landed in Delhi, I felt overwhelmed by the din, the huge clusters of people, the traffic, the heat. It all came bearing down on me in one fell swoop and it felt like my senses were on fire. 

But after spending some time adjusting and setting off on my tour of India, I soon realised that it is a country of extremes. India is magical, spiritual, awash with vibrant colours and welcoming people. But it can also be frustrating and infuriatingly slow. However, all these elements combine to make it a destination that can transform and change lives. It changed mine in so many ways - from being humbled by the kindness of strangers, to meeting my now husband in a sleepy backwater town in Southern India.

India has the power to change, to make people view the world in a different light. It offers moments of self-reflection, a chance to reconnect with ourselves, and our natural surroundings. Transformative travel isn’t just making a difference to the destinations and the communities you’re visiting but to seek an adventure that puts you out of your comfort zone and to overcome any challenges.

Titan’s escorted tours to India will take you on a journey of self-discovery. Through spice-filled air, cinematic landscapes, grand temples and lush green scenery. Immersing yourself in a vibrant diverse culture and surrendering to its spiritual soul, will mean you’ll be enchanted by India’s chaotic tapestry and it will forever be imprinted in your memories.

Awaken your senses

There is no room for boredom in India. Experiencing a train journey, where tea boys run up and down the platform to serve sweet chai through the window, and watching the passing scenery whizz past is a must. As is walking through India’s bustling streets filled with the scent of spices, and watching everyday life unfold. Where cows can be found wandering in the road and the sound of horns pervade the air. India is an assault on the senses, from the awesome sights, the energetic sounds and the taste of fragrant and spicy food.

Close-up of spices in silver dishes on a table

Find inner peace

You don’t have to have a spiritual awakening by staying in an Ashram [although that is certainly one way]. Our fast-paced lives means it leaves little room for ourselves. Finding happy moments is one way of discovering inner peace. Standing on the banks of Vembanad in Kerala as the sun sets illuminating the water and mangrove trees orange. Stopping in front of the captivating Taj Mahal, the sparkling ivory-white mausoleum that shines bright in hazy Agra. A shrine to eternal love, this wonder of the world stirs emotions and it’s impossible not to be astounded by its magnificence. Meanwhile, the dusky pink hues of the Hawa Mahal (Pink Palace) in Jaipur will lift the spirits, as will walking under the ornate cloisters and complex tiles rich in colour.

Hawa Mahal, or Palace of Winds, in Jaipur, India

Discover enlightenment 

Holy shrines and temples are scattered all across India, and accompanied by festivals and celebrations, there are countless chances to be able to experience spiritual enlightenment. It is The Ganges though, that can have a profound effect. Flowing from the Himalayas all the way to the Bay of Bengal, this sacred river is the life and death source for so many – and it is in Varanasi where this is felt deeply. Nowhere else in the county can you see the ritual of death played out daily. Pilgrims come to bathe, clean their souls and say goodbye to their loved ones. The colourful ghats, holy fire rituals and cremations - it is truly enlightening to see the circle of life before your very eyes and experience that will be hard to share with others who have never been.

The Ganges at Varanasi, India

If you feel compelled to experience a trip of a lifetime, our India tours will stir the soul and awaken your senses. 


Ting has a serious case of wanderlust. Having travelled to over 40 countries, it’s her mission in life to make her way through her ever-growing list. Her two young sons have also caught the travel bug, and recent trips have seen them making snow angels in Iceland while watching the Northern Lights, as well as walking alongside elephants in South Africa.

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