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Hotels can vary in terms of the facilities they offer to guests with reduced mobility or another disability.

It's therefore essential that you discuss your requirements with one of our travel advisors at the time of booking. They will be able to check the tour suitability for you to ensure you make the right choice.

If a particular room type, such as an adapted room or a room with a walk-in shower, is required as a result of any disability, we’ll contact the hotel to check if such a room is available and endeavour to secure it for you where possible before you commit to a booking. Please note that an extra cost may apply if an adapted room is only available in an upgraded room type.

Titan tour managers and the hotel staff are unable to provide any level of personal care. Therefore you may choose to travel with a companion who can provide the assistance you need. Please be aware that both we and our suppliers reserve the right to request that you travel with a companion where we consider it necessary for safety or operational reasons.