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Meet the Tour Managers

The passion for travel that inspires everything we do is perhaps most evident in the Titan tour manager. This experienced, personable professional accompanies the travelling group throughout, often from the UK, and provides great organisation to ensure that a tour runs smoothly, and often also an introductory guiding service to destinations for which they have great affection. Titan travellers, even those of a more independent nature, come to hold their tour manager in the highest regard.

Additionally, local guides, such as the friendly ranger-guides at Mala Mala and the experienced naturalists at Knight Inlet provide a more specialist insight into a particular attraction or experience.

We recently introduced state-of-the-art, wireless Quietvox headsets on a number of our tours, particularly in Europe. These devices allow you to appreciate the commentary of the tour manager and local guide as you make your own explorations.

Some Titan travellers have been known to base their holiday choice on their favourite tour manager’s schedule!