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Meet our expert tour managers

Our passion for travel is probably most evident in our knowledgeable tour managers. They accompany the majority of our tours, and are all personally selected to ensure they’re among the best in the business. They accompany the group throughout your holiday, keeping everything running smoothly and safely and helping you get the most out of your time away. They’ve often visited destinations multiple times and can give you all sorts of insider tips, anecdotes and stories. Some of our customers even base their holiday choice around their favourite tour manager’s schedule.

In addition to our tour managers, we often use expert local guides to provide more specialist insight into a particular attraction or location, while on a number of our tours, particularly in Europe, we’ve introduced state-of-the-art Quietvox headsets. These wireless devices allow you to clearly hear the commentary of your tour manager or guide as you explore - no matter how busy or noisy the surroundings - so you can go at your own pace without missing out. Our tour managers are an integral part of what makes Titan holidays so special for many of our loyal customers, which is why we wanted to introduce some of them so you can find out a little bit more – and discover why they love being a Titan Tour Manager.

After joining the Merchant Navy in her early 20's, Ruth always knew travel would feature prominently in her life. The role of tour manager combines two of the things Ruth is most passionate about - travel and taking care of people. Since joining Titan as a Tour Manager six years ago, Ruth says her main aim is to make each tour as special and enjoyable as it can be for each and every guest and her most fulfilling experiences are when she sees happy travellers, who say she has made a real difference to their overall enjoyment of the holiday.
Ruth Wood - Titan Tour Manager

Geoff has been working in travel for 40 years and has now found his dream job working as a tour manager for Titan Travel. Geoff loves seeing the world and helping ensure all of his customers get as much enjoyment out of their time with him as possible by enhancing the tour experience. Of course, it’s important to know he does have 3 Blue Peter badges, his pride & joy is his silver badge for making a Blue Peter ship out of melon seeds!
Selene Tomlinson

A solicitor by profession, John is now non-practising and a tour manager with Titan for 25 years. It is his love of travel plus a desire to explore as much of the world as possible stemming from reading and learning about different countries and cultures that inspired his career as a tour manager. For John, the uniqueness of a Titan tour manager is down to a desire to share the world with others and a dedication to the job resulting in our clients having a special holiday experience.

John England

John joined the travel industry shortly after leaving school, back when the horizon of tourism was just Spain, Greece and the rest of Europe. With his early life in boarding school John longed to travel and realise his childhood dreams - his passion for travel and hospitality has always played a big part in his life. While working as a resort representative in Spain, he met and married his wife and as a couple ran a hotel and then a public house for 20 years, during which time they brought up their two daughters. John’s wanderlust then returned and he re-joined the travel industry – he has now been a Titan tour manager for over 30 years.

John Allen

Mark’s always deemed himself to be inquisitive, enjoy a challenge and be open minded to new experiences, it seemed fitting to travel and see the world. Mark has been a Titan tour manager for well over 10 years now. He believes all tour managers are unique in various ways and each have their own way of doing things. Mark personally believes the difference is to build a personal and familiar relationship with the group. In fact, many of Mark’s fondest memories of destinations have been because of the groups he was with – "it's the people that make the tour".
Mark Thompson

Ron has progressed over his 23 years working for Titan Travel to become one of our lead tour managers, who is heavily involved in the training of our tour managers to ensure they meet the exceptionally high standards expected. Ron’s favourite tour is ‘Images of Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos’ as it features three amazing countries, with Laos just opening up to the outside world making it a very special place.
Ron Disney

The seeds of Jez’s love for travel were sown when as a young man he worked upon a Kibbutz in Israel and met and shared travel stories with fellow volunteers from all parts of the globe. Jez then spent many years touring around the world as a professional musician and entertainer, before settling down in Cornwall and teaching in local schools. Jez’s skills as an entertainer and teacher all fed into his work when he started working as a Tour Manager for Titan. Jez found that it was a job that felt absolutely natural to him; to share his love of travel with like-minded customers and to have the privilege to meet with an interesting group of people and watch as they become lifelong friends. The amazing sights and sounds of a tour are as important to Jez as the friendships that are made, and Jez works hard to ensure that every holiday his guests take with Titan is something special.
Tour Manager - Jez Luton

Helen has been a tour manager since 1999 and loves how no two days are ever the same. At each destination, whether it’s to far-flung lands or here in the UK, she makes it her mission to memorise and appreciate as much of her surroundings as possible so that she can pass on this information to customers – so that they can get the best possible experience from their holidays. Helen believes that the personal touch is so much better than any guide book and seeing the enjoyment and enthusiasm from her travellers makes her job at Titan so worthwhile.
Helen Young

Stephen finally got the opportunity for the job he had coveted for 10 or more years, being a Titan tour manager. His passion for travel, his management skills, plus his commitment to client satisfaction built over 45 years in the retail industry, are perfect for ensuring Titan travellers get their expectations fulfilled. He is always asked which is his favourite tour, and the answer is always: "the next one", meeting new people and seeing the pleasure in their faces as they experience amazing new sights and sounds.
Stephen Holt

Mags spent 20 years working for a major airline travelling the world and has been a Titan Tour Manager for 15 years now and enjoys every minute of her job.  She loves exploring and learning about the history and culture of different countries and relishes the opportunity to research and learn about new destinations and to be able to share it with customers. Her greatest satisfaction is seeing customers enjoying their holiday, making new friends and often planning their next tour before even say goodbye!
Mags Curwood

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