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Golden Lion Children's Trust

We count our lucky stars that we are part of an industry built on fun and excitement, but we know not everyone is able to experience the things we sometimes take for granted. While we are passionate about delivering exceptional travel experiences for each and every one of our customers, we’re also passionate about helping those less fortunate.

We have had a special relationship with the Golden Lion Children’s Trust since 2013, a local charity dedicated to providing hope, help and happiness to children with special needs and disadvantaged young people. Founded in 1973 by Gatwick airport staff – a stone’s throw from our HQ – the charity works closely with families, schools and residential care homes to organise fun day trips and outings that would otherwise be impossible for these children to experience.

With so many deserving of GLCT’s help, we can only hope to scratch the surface – but we try our best to bring a little magic into their lives from time to time. We’re delighted and proud to host an array of fundraising events through the year.

If you’d like to find out more, or make a donation yourself, please visit here.