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France River Cruises

The rivers of France meander through a land of gastronomic delights, cultural treasures and a landscape of timeless pastoral beauty. Whether it be the ultra-chic Parisian avenues, the beaches of the south, the mountainous Alps or the seemingly unchanging Camargue, France is a country that truly has something for everyone.

A French River cruise is a fantastic way to explore this incredibly diverse country at a genuinely Gallic pace.  Imagine cruising down a river in southern France sipping a glass of chilled Burgundy white, whilst watching the gentle hills and distant mountains slip by at relaxed pace, whilst planning your next excursion to one of the many beautiful towns and cities that line your way. 

Whether a cruise down the famous river Seine or a boating holiday down the most famous river in southern France, the Rhône, this vast and varied country has a holiday to suit all;  revel in the natural beauty, sunlit vineyards, and seemingly endless lavender fields that have made French waterways a favourite destination for years.

Some of our French river cruises

Our river Rhône itinerary starts in the heartland of traditional French Gastronomy, Lyon. Made famous by Chef’s like Paul Bocuse and cemented firmly in the culture of the ‘Bouchon’, a traditional Lyonnais style café.  From Lyon your French river cruise heads north through some of the most famous wine regions on Earth.

From here your French river cruise will explore the waters that lay to the south of Lyon, passing through the one of the most famous domains of French winemaking, Chateauneuf-du-Pape before arriving in Avignon, where the bridge made famous by the song juts across the Rhône. Here you’ll also have the chance to visit the simply immense Palais du Papes, one of the most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe. Your adventures down the French waterways finally take you to Arles, where the amazingly preserved Roman amphitheatre is still in use, this beautiful former Roman provincial capital, also inspired the works of Van Gogh. 

Vintage France

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For river and ocean cruises

If the hearty fare and redolent rich wines of the south aren’t what you are after then perhaps  a cruise of the fashionable Paris and the north with its haute couture and intricate nouvelle cuisine and vaunted impressionism will be more your style.  River cruises in Northern France are a veritable trip through some of the iconic places of French history and art. Your tour of French waterways will take you to Rouen with its 12th century cathedral, favoured by Claude Monet, and final resting place of Joan of Arc. Your tour will also allow you plenty of time to visit, Honfluer another favourite subject of Monet’s and Giverny, the lovingly-restored house where Claude Monet lived.

Of course no French river cruise here would be complete with an exploration of Paris, where the iconic sights including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées await you.