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Embarkation assistance, onboard facilities and information regarding mobility aids, medical equipment and assistance dogs

If you have a disability or reduced mobility, you are entitled to support under Regulation 1177/2010 when travelling by sea and inland waterway.

This section outlines the accessibility of cruises on Titan Travel tours. Please read through the applicable sections carefully. If you’re booking a fly-cruise, please also refer to our travelling by air page for information. It is your responsibility to inform us if assistance is needed. If you need to notify us of any special requirements, please do so at the time of booking. If you've already booked, please make sure you notify us no later than 48 hours before departure by calling our Travel Needs team on 0808 239 4755. Every effort will be made to cater for your requirements. However, there will be some instances where a passenger should be accompanied by a fare-paying travelling companion who is capable of dedicating the time and attention needed to ensure the required care is received. For safety reasons, there are certain types of assistance that cannot be offered.

Assistance that is not offered:

  • Carriage of passengers up and down gangways in ports other than embarkation and disembarkation ports.
  • Assistance in using personal hoists.
  • Any level of personal care.
  • Routine daily care of assistance dogs including but not limited to feeding, exercise and sanitary needs.

It's important that you discuss your needs with us prior to booking so that we’re able to assess your individual circumstances and inform you if a travelling companion is required. Failure to notify us of any requirement for disability assistance may result in denied boarding, or curtailment of the cruise.

If you are travelling alone and it transpires once on board that you are unable to cope, a senior officer will discuss the situation with you and you may be asked to leave the ship at your own cost in extreme circumstances.

Embarkation and disembarkation

The assistance available for embarkation includes:

  • Assistance with baggage check-in and its transfer to the cabin.

Due to local conditions e.g. river water levels and/or mooring adjacent to another ship in some locations, you may be required to negotiate a steep gangway and/or steps. If you are unable to make your own arrangements to get on and off the ship, you may be required to remain on board.

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