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The right pace

To help you choose the most suitable holiday, each of the tours in our latest brochures has a rating from 1-3 based on the pace of the holiday and included activities.

guide showing low pace

A leisurely paced holiday

These include mostly short days and days at leisure. This holiday may involve walking reasonable distances, including over uneven ground and negotiating stairs, and there may be periods of standing. You might also be required to board and alight from different types of transport.

guide showing mid pace

A moderately paced holiday

Days are longer and excursions may require moderate walking at a steady pace. You might be required to walk further distances, including over mixed terrain and up and down stairs.

guide showing high pace

A faster paced holiday

You’ll need a good level of fitness and mobility in order to partake in physical activities. These could include longer walking tours over greater distances and hikes or treks over challenging terrain and varying inclines.

Please note: This is a guide only. Please be aware that for each level you should also be comfortably able to manage the requirements set out in the lower levels. For cruising, this guide refers to the onboard experience and included excursions only. For more information on whether a holiday is suitable for you, please call.